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Magpul Releases a New Line of Travel Clothes

We’ve all seen them, the funky looking “travel” clothes floating around department stores and luggage shops. They come in an array of strange colors, can make even George Clooney look frumpy, and offer protection from sticky fingered passerbys through safety in numbers. I mean they can’t possibly pick ALL of those pockets right? The truth is that many of these shirts and pants do one thing well, and that is make you look like a tourist. For this reason we find it is far better to wear something stylish, comfortable, and most of all inconspicuous; which is why we’re excited to see a few new products that fit the bill perfectly.
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The latest additions to the traveler not tourist boat are our friends over at Magpul, makers of the Daka Pouch. They have put together a new line of clothing that will not only let you look good while traveling abroad, but be comfortable enough to enjoy yourself at the same time. From shorts and pants to button downs, polos, and tees, there is a little something to fit every taste and style, and it can all be found on their website below. Of course before you browse the details, we encourage you to check out the awesome video they shot first. There’s no sales pitch, no specifications, nor any talking of any kind; just a bunch of sequences that are almost guaranteed to give you the travel itch.
Editor’s Note: Before someone loses their mind in the comments section, Rhinos were not harmed in any way in the production of this video. The crew was on a driving safari, purely enjoying the beauty of these impressive animals. That a few hunting rifles were shown on the lead-in sequence is purely incidental, and footage from a training session the crew members also took part in.
 For more information on their clothing or to see the full lineup, check out their online store here. 

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