Longitudes: Photographer Iulian Georgescu of Wild State

Iulian Gerogescu, one of Expedition Portal’s members from Romania, is not just an excellent off-road traveler and adventurer, he is a superb photographer. His website, Wild State, is a beautiful and inspirational window into his life in the rugged environments of his homeland. You can read more on the Expedition Portal thread [HERE], or visit his beautiful website: Wild State



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Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 1.10.05 PM



off-road-iarna-padurea-garboavele-09 off-road-iarna-padurea-garboavele-08




off-road-padurea-adam-45 off-road-padurea-adam-24 nissan-patrol-y60-white-wolf-dobrogea-action-03 off-road-padurea-adam-20 off-road-padurea-adam-15 off-road-padurea-adam-10 off-road-ravene-milos-01


inceput_de_iarna_la_gresu_16 nissan-patrol-y60-white-wolf-dobrogea-action-04 panorama-peste-pricopane-01 muntii-macin-pricopanele-02 poiana-sarata-luciada-4-2013-11 poiana-sarata-luciada-4-2013-14 poiana-sarata-luciada-4-2013-21 off-road-la-baltile-din-vames-06 iarna-extrema-la-corbu-06 iarna-extrema-la-corbu-04 iarna-extrema-la-corbu-03

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