Lizard Skins Grips and Handlebar Tape

Lizard Skins, founded in 1993, has been manufacturing quality cycling accessories for almost three decades. They initially designed products to protect the bike and rider but have since expanded to gloves and grips. The company’s continued research meant that in 2008 they created their most innovative grip and flagship product, Durasoft Polymer (DSP). DSP provides a unique combination of excellent gripping properties and “a softness that can only be appreciated by touch.” As a result, Lizard Skins has had a lasting impact on the world of professional cycling and today sponsors three Pro Tour cycling teams. With bikes being in short supply globally as a result of the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to upgrade the ride you’ve got. Quality grips/handlebar tape is a great, inexpensive place to start.

If you love riding, then chances are your bike will look a little tired after a few years, and a fresh set of grips is an easily serviceable update that makes a real difference to everyday comfort. Lizard Skins, despite their success, have continued to develop just a handful of cycling accessories (primarily grips) to ensure their products remain class-leading. As a result, they have a wide range of specialised mountain bike grips (many of which are also suitable for BMX, ATV, PWC, etc.) in different sizes, textures, and styles to suit all, and these include their iconic DSP grips. Products such as their Single-Sided Lock-On Charger Evo can be personalised with a range of grip/ring colours and even offer the option to have the ring engraved. If you ride a drop-bar bike, you can enjoy the same quality as Lizard Skin’s sponsored Pro Tour teams and wrap your bars with their DSP bar tape (also available in many colours). The company’s DSP products promise to be lightweight, durable and provide “superior control and noticeable comfort on extreme trails.”

I’m particularly intrigued by Lizard Skin’s range of DSP options, which could be perfect for bikepacking (something I’ll look to review in the future). Moreover, the company offers an interesting range of additional cycling accessories, including frame protection kits and accessory straps, both of which are well suited to adventure cycling.