La Aduana: 2010 Toyota Tacoma


Many of you will already recognize this Tacoma from a variety of magazines, articles, and even the Discovery Channel. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, this heavily modified Tacoma is more than just a sweet rig to bum around the Antarctic in. Yes it has all the fun gear you’d expect like 44″ tires, a 9-ton winch, crushproof cabin, and a design team of F1 and off-road engineers, but what makes this one-of-a-kind vehicle really special is its history. As of now this truck holds not one, but two world records for the fastest overland journey to the South Pole and the highest average speed to the South Pole.

I’ve mentioned a few of this Taco’s goodies already, but it has plenty more up its sleeves. To feed its supercharged V-6 engine all the way to the pole and back, the designers incorporated a 1,200-liter petrol fuel tank with a fuel pump capable of pumping up to a full liter per-second. You’ll also get a fully adjustable long travel suspension for those unexpected bumps as well as front and rear lockers, upgraded differentials, and custom heavy-duty axles to help shrug off almost any terrain be it ice, rock or otherwise. If you’re not impressed yet I can only leave you with this, it has the power to weight ratio of a rally car, the suspension of a trophy truck, a 32-speed gearbox, and will impress even the most environmentally conscious citizen with a mix of bio-fuel, solar, and wind powered systems.

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Take a look at what the seller has to say below:

This vehicle holds the surface speed record for the fastest journey to the South Pole and is the star of a Discovery Channel documentary on the entire exciting journey! You will turn every head in the street when you are driving this machine. Everywhere you go you will attract a crowd!

A unique opportunity to acquire this amazing vehicle that is the result of 3 years of research and development by the world’s best vehicle engineers and designers. Antarctica was a tough gig and we truly earned our colours by smashing not one, but two world records. Since “Polar” returned from the ice she has been totally overhauled with lots of components replaced with new, she is as good as it gets.

Polar has been custom made to be fast and handle terrain that no other vehicle can handle, deep snow. In fact this vehicle can drive on snow that is too deep for a person to walk on, therefore her performance on sand or other surfaces is unstoppable!

Designed by awarding winning “vehicle architect” Ian Nesbitt and crafted together by Formula 1 Engineer Kieron Bradley this vehicle is truly unique, there will never be another “Polar”. The lucky buyer will also get a copy of both the world record certificates and a copy of the Discovery Channel Documentary on DVD

This Vehicle has been all over the world having the best people working on her and has performed to the highest level

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