La Aduana: 2000 Land Rover Discovery 300 Tdi


Do you love diesel Land Rovers?

Are you about ready to jump ship for another country to get your hands on one?

Well don’t pack your bags just yet, we have found a great Discovery II that is not only tastefully modified, but may be able to quench that diesel engine thirst. While this Disco may look similar to many you’ve seen before, probably along the side of the road, it has a little something extra to help ensure you stay on the trail and off that shoulder. That’s right, thrumming under the hood of this truck is Land Rover’s 300 Tdi turbo-diesel engine.

It was sourced from a 1998 Defender 90 and then professionally installed by Red Hawk Rovers in Colorado. While it admittedly lacks some of the power produced by the original V8, we feel that the improvement in reliability and almost doubled gas mileage should more than compensate for that small reduction. Coupled to this new motor is the Defender’s matching transmission which we should probably mention, happens to be a 5-speed manual. Although the diesel is definitely this Rover’s most unique upgrade, it is far from its only one. Custom front and rear bumpers protect the truck from impacts, while Safari Guard sliders and a front skid plate prevent damage during negotiation of rough terrain. Underneath you’ll find an Old Man Emu 2″ lift and BF Goodrich all terrain tires for an improved ride and increased performance in the backcountry. This Land Rover is, as the owner stated, “Expedition Ready” and available right here in the U.S., meaning the only bags you’ll be packing are for your next adventure.

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Here’s a look at what the seller has to say:

I have for sale my very nice 2000 Land Rover Discovery II SE 300TDI with five speed.

I had the engine and transmission professionally put in by Jim Sanville at Red Hawk Rovers.

The engine and transmission came as a matched set out of a 98′ Defender 90.

They engine and transmission both have 109K on them.

The engine is a 2.2L 300TDI turbo diesel that gets 24-28 MPG.

The body is in excellent condition with NO accidents, dents or rust and has 111k on it.

Every thing works well but it does not have a working cruise control(because of different transmission) or wiper fluid tank because of front bumper.

It also has the SE package with ABS, Stability Control, Alarm, leather,climate control, air con., dual sunroof, seat covers, floor mats, rear storage bins and more…

**The reason I am selling this Rover is to fund the same type of conversion for my “much longer” Range Rover Classic long wheelbase.

Extras include:

  • -Custom front and rear bumpers
  • -Oldman Emu 2″ lift
  • -Safari Guards
  • -Southdown Snorkle
  • -Widerness Roof Rack
  • -Custom powdercoated wheels
  • -BFGs’ including spare
  • -Custom exhaust
  • -Hellas
  • -New Deka Battery
  • -HiLift Jack w/ rack mount
  • -Front skid plate
  • -aux. guages
  • -more…

I have had it for four years ,it is ready for expedition and runs fantastic!

Good Luck…

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