La Aduana: 1997 Land Rover Defender 110

The Defender 110, ExPo unobtainium at its finest. It has the classic look so many people love, the capability to go nearly anywhere, and with the right care and maintenance the reliability to get you back. Finding one in the states can be hard, and importing can be even harder, so what’s the solution? Why not buy a completely refurbished 110 that’s already here, like this pristine example from the coast.

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This particular truck is actually a North American spec Defender 90 which was carefully restored and placed on a 110 frame. Conversions like this are becoming ever more popular, and the east coast shop that completed this one has the process dialed in perfectly. They opted for a factory Beluga Black paint which suits the convertible 110 style nicely, though admittedly we would still prefer white… big surprise, and the military style eight place rear seating. To match the look, they added a full safari cage with a roll-able side soft-top and removable windows. For the most part this vehicle is in “stock” form, however the rebuild comes with a few advantages, namely the fully galvanized frame. Additionally all the hardware and lines were upgraded to stainless steel and reassembled for a clean and rust free vehicle.

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Okay, so it doesn’t have the coveted diesel motor, but the 4.0 V-8 has just 8400 miles on the clock so who can complain? Certainly not us.

Of course, there is a catch; the exorbitant buy it now price. With the current bid at $65,000 and the reserve still not met, we’re guessing the seller has his hopes set closer to the whopping $125,000 buy it now price. We’ll give you a second to catch your breath. This truck will certainly make the right oil tycoon, head of state, millionaire, buyer happy, but for the rest us mere mortals, we can at least look at the photos, drool, and go back to riding in our ox carts. If anyone needs me I’ll be looking for the hay to power mine.


To check out the details, take a look at the for sale ad here.

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