La Aduana: 1987 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser – All Original

Every now and then a time capsule is opened and out rolls a relic from a bygone age. Here we have such a relic, a beautiful 1987 FJ60 with only 141,000 miles on the ticker. Obviously garaged for all it its near 30 years, the owner not only has all of the original manuals and service records, he has the original window sticker. The 4.2 liter straight-six is said to be in perfect condition and judging by the photos, the overall condition of the truck is immaculate. Lots of people will chime in to balk about the $20,000 asking price, but there’s little doubt a buyer will come along to hand over that amount, and will likely do so with a huge grin.




It even has its own Youtube video: 

The Craigslist ad can be found HERE.


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