La Aduana: 1987 FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser

The folks over at Adventure Driven always find cool trucks, and this 60 series would certainly make an interesting prospect for an overland build. With fresh rebuilds on darn near everything it is ready for whatever trip you throw at it; be it a drive to the coffee shop or a journey to South America. Check out the original advertisement below.

For Sale a rust free Arizona 1987 FJ60 with original paint located in Flagstaff AZ. Clear title in hand. This Land Cruiser has had a ton of work done recently. It has been a daily driver for a couple of years now. This 60 series is a perfect candidate for a Overland build, It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Very original with nothing cut up and hacked on. This cruiser is a treat to drive and is extremely reliable. No expense was spared rebuilding the engine, 5 speed transmission and t-case rebuild. This cruiser is solid and needs very little done to be adventure ready.

Adventure Driven body peaks-1 (Copy)

Work done to date

All parts installed are factory Toyota parts where posable, any non available Toyota part was substituted with the highest quality parts available.



1 Full original engine rebuild, including new short block, crankshaft, camshaft, pushrods, lifters, oil sending gauge, pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings, rings, main bearings, oil pump, oil pan, new distributor cap, new spark plug wires(Bosch), motor mounts, tranny mounts, new clutch hydraulics (Asin), new clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing.(154,000)

2 Old Man Emu suspension. 2.5 inch medium in front superheavy duty in back nitro charger shocks anti inversion shackles. (160,000)

3 ARB air compressor (160,000)

4 Ammo can center console (160,000)

5 New alternator and starter (both Bosch) (170,000

6 New brake master cylinder (Aisin) (168,000)

7 New h55f tranny, shift lever, shift knob,fully rebuilt transfer case bearings, bushings,seals, boots, and shafts including gears.    8 New clutch, pressure plate, pilot bearing previous only had 20k, new gear oil (174,500)

9 Choke cable  assembly (150,000)

10 Engine cooling fan (150,000)

11 Carb cooling fan (160,00)

12 Front window regulators (SOR) (168,000)

13 New Goodyear Armortracs (159,000)

14 New coolant hoses total of 8 (150,000)

15 Head job including valve job new head gasket (152,000)

16 New fuel pump (Kyosan) 173,00)

17 30k service  battery service, brake bleed, clutch hydraulic bleed, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs (NGK), power steering flush, new gear oil in both diffs and tranny/transfer case, repacked front wheel bearings, greased drivelines, tire rotation, rear drum service, and valve adjustment.

18 Oil changes done every 4K they have been done early rather than late. Only using Toyota D3 filter and new drain washer and Castrol 5w-30 conventional. Driveline greased during every oil change.



I also have itemized receipts in hand that list all gaskets and seals etc.

Full disclosure :

-front wiper wash spray motor does not work

-rear diff makes noise at high speeds when deceleration, needs rebuild

-trip meter does not work

For more information, contact Gabe at 928-432-5648 or Seth at 928-606-3867 in Flagstaff

Interior Adventure Driven inside-1 (Copy)

cup holders-1 (Copy)dash hand-1 (Copy)

dash-1 (Copy)

dash-1-2 (Copy)driver seat-1 (Copy)
driver vin tag-1 (Copy)floor board driver-1 (Copy)
front D door-1 (Copy)front p door-1 (Copy)gauges-1 (Copy)

head liner-1 (Copy) inside-1-2 (Copy)

rea D door-1 (Copy)rea p door-1 (Copy)
tool bag-1 (Copy)speedo-1 (Copy)rear heater-1 (Copy)

tail gate-1 (Copy)

Adventure Driven tools-1 (Copy)


Adventure Driven driving-1 (Copy) Adventure Driven back driver clouds-1 (Copy)

front driver 1-4 clouds-1 (Copy)rear driver 1-4 clouds-1 (Copy)

rear-1 (Copy) tail gate lower-1 (Copy)

roof-1 (Copy)hood-1 (Copy)
Adventure Driven pass rear wheel well-1 (Copy)Adventure Driven pass rear wheel-1 (Copy)

Adventure Driven rear-1 (Copy)

Adventure Driven front-1 (Copy)Adventure Driven driver rear wide-1 (Copy)

Adventure Driven driver rear wide-1-2 (Copy)


Adventure Driven under rear-1 (Copy)

Adventure Driven under fender-1 (Copy)Adventure Driven under 1-4 panel-1 (Copy)
Adventure Driven under driver door-1 (Copy)Adventure Driven reardriver wheel well-1 (Copy)
Adventure Driven pass rear wheel well-1-2 (Copy)Adventure Driven front fender well-1 (Copy)



engine 4-1 (Copy)

engine-1 (Copy)engine 7-1 (Copy)
engine 5-1 (Copy)engine 2-1 (Copy)

engine 6-1 (Copy)engine 1-1 (Copy)

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