La Aduana: 1977 Ford Bronco, One owner, 43,000 miles

Sure, if you had $150,000 you could plunk it down on a new Icon Bronco, or you could save a not-so-small fortune and buy the genuine article for the paltry sum of $26,000. These vintage trucks, much like their British and Japanese cousins, are becoming increasingly rare in this condition. Harkening to the halcyon years of the real utility vehicle, a late 70s Ford Bronco is sparse of creature comforts, but lacks not for brawn or workman’s fortitude. These trucks were designed as tools not status symbols, although as fateful twist would have it, today this vehicle will likely serve that purpose all the same. It would be fun to own, though, wouldn’t it?


From the listing:

It’s not a barn find…. but it’s a RARE find!!! This sweet little truck is a 1 owner truck that came from right here in bone dry, Sheridan, Wyoming. It was the last 1977 sold from Cook Ford, which still stands but is full of vintage Porsches!

This truck has undergone a complete paint detail ($760.00), the paint is still shiny and smooth, there is no flaking paint or clear coat peeling. However, at some point in its life someone touched up a few small spots. You have to get close to see them though.

The interior is in exceptional shape. There are no tears in the seats, the headliner is in like new condition and the original floor mat is still there and looks nearly new. The whole interior of this truck was taken out and cleaned. Everything works on this truck! The bumpers are original and shiny. The original radio does work along with a vintage 8-track and a cassette deck.

It came stock from the factory with the 302 v-8, 4×4, power steering and power disc brakes. The only thing this truck needs is a new driver mirror which is on order and will be replaced before it’s delivered to its new owner.

It also comes with the original manual with the metal tag. You can contact the seller at 307.752.6033.

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