La Aduana: 1966 Land Rover Series IIA 109

This 1966 Series IIA is a beautiful example of these classic trucks. It is a NADA (North American Dollar Area) 109 model that features a longer wheel base and seating for ten that can be swapped out for extra storage space. Under the hood you’ll find a six cylinder engine with a Fairey overdrive system to help accelerate you to highway speed, and improve fuel economy once you get there. The owner mentions that they will include the safari roof and faux elephant hide interior pieces, as well as a new headliner with the sale of the vehicle. While many of these Rovers go for a good deal of money, this one is listed for just $9,750 which is less than half the price of some comparable trucks currently on Ebay. If you’re looking for a simple yet fun vehicle to take on your next adventure, this Series 2A may be just the thing.

Check out this cool truck here:




Here’s a look at what the seller has to say:

This lovely example of a series landrover is the NADA version with a 6 cylinder and Fairey overdrive. Safari roof and all the “faux elephant hyde” interior pieces included. I have the headliner and all new rubber but it must be installed. There is seating for 10 and lots of extra room. The body is in fantastic condition and he runs well.

If you’ve always wanted a Series 2a, consider yourself fortunate as I never thought I part with “Onslow”.

Drop me a line if you have questions. You just don’t see them very often anymore!


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