Keeping the FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser Alive

The FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser is an Overlanding Classic

The FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser is a legendary vehicle in the 4WD and overlanding world. Perhaps this is because FJs have made it to all corners of the Earth, or because so many wonderful memories have been made in these rock-solid rigs. For brothers Nelson and Juan Diego Calle, who grew up riding in the back seat of their grandfather’s FJ40, this was exactly the case. When their grandfather passed away in 2009, the two brothers decided to honor his memory by restoring his FJ40, the very one they grew up riding in, to its former glory. But what began as a hobby for the two quickly became a business: The FJ Company is a collection of passionate Toyota FJ restoration specialists that give new life to these classic vehicles while injecting a generous amount of modern performance and comfort.


The Toyota FJ40 Restomod, the G40 by The FJ Company

If you want a high-end Toyota FJ40 restomod, look no further than The FJ Company’s G40. It may cost you more than a year’s salary, but rest assured that these frame-off restorations are about as good as it gets for classic Land Cruisers. The FJ Company has dubbed its process “RestoManufacturing,” a nod to the fact that they are simultaneously restoring and re-engineering the classic Toyota FJ40 to create a unique vehicle purpose-built for their client’s needs. The FJ Company doesn’t hesitate to modify things like drivetrain configuration, power, and vehicle accessories to provide enhanced performance and comfort. But no matter what they change under the hoods of these Toyota restomods, they always stick to their philosophy of staying faithful to the original, classic Land Cruiser.



When The FJ Company begins an FJ40 restoration, they always start with a solid foundation that has limited rust or prior modification. They do their best to source FJ40s that were manufactured in the Japanese Toyota factory and strive to find vehicles with original engines and gearboxes.


All restored Land Cruisers built by The FJ Company get enhancements like front coil suspension, advanced power steering, ABS brakes, traction control, and more.


This FJ40 Restoration Starts at the Frame

The first step in the FJ40 restoration process is stripping away every single component from the frame. Anything that is damaged or not needed for the particular vehicle is sold or scrapped click here to see it, before the chassis goes onto a jig where it can be inspected and meticulously realigned to its original factory specifications.



At this point in the FJ40 restoration, any usable body panels are set aside for cleaning and prep. The chassis is reinforced and modified to handle a more powerful, modern engine, transmission, and suspension. The entire chassis is then galvanized in molten zinc (to prevent corrosion), powder-coated, and painted. While the chassis is strengthened and perfected, The FJ Company’s bodywork team revitalizes old body panels and fabricates new ones, from scratch if necessary.


Next, the vehicle’s raw pieces are assembled to check tolerances and appearance before being cataloged and disassembled once again so that preparation and painting can occur. Simultaneously, upholstery, electrical, and mechanical teams are hard at work, sourcing or fabricating everything needed to finish this Toyota FJ40 restoration. Next, the vehicle heads to final assembly, then photography, and testing.



Finally, 500 miles of testing on and off-road give the production team a chance to dial in the performance of the revitalized FJ40. They work out any issues encountered to ensure a perfect driving experience for the vehicle’s new owner. A final inspection takes place before the vehicle is meticulously packed for shipping.


Will You Choose the Heritage, Expedition, or Signature Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser?

The FJ Company offers any of its Toyota FJ restorations in three trims; Heritage, Expedition, and Signature. Here’s the breakdown of what these look like:


Heritage Toyota FJ Land Cruiser: the Most Traditional Look

  • Classic headlights w/H4 bulbs
  • Classic fog lights
  • Classic bumpers
  • Traditional wheels w/ hubcaps
  • Classic-looking Toyota bucket seats


Expedition Toyota FJ Land Cruiser: for the Adventurer

  • Beefy expedition bumper
  • Warn Zeon 8 winch
  • PIAA fog lights
  • Hi-Lift mounted on the side
  • Corbeau bucket seats
  • Tuffy Box center console
  • Raptor Lining inside the cabin
  • Front and rear lockers


Signature Toyota FJ Land Cruiser: Top of the Line

  • Signature G40-S or G43-S
  • Toyota 1GR-FE engine w/Magnuson supercharger
  • Custom-designed CNC-machined accessories (including mirrors, shifters, foot pedals, window levers)
  • Repurposed OEM bumpers w/integrated fog lights by Baja Designs
  • Recaro seats
  • Premium leather trim
  • Custom center console
  • Entertainment system w/Apple CarPlay
  • King shocks
  • Evo Corse DAKAR wheels in Gun Metal Gray


A Gallery of The FJ Companys’ Toyota FJ40 (and other) Land Cruiser Restomods

Enjoy this gallery of the Toyota FJ40 (and other) Land Cruiser restomods that The FJ Company has produced.








Visit the FJ Company’s website to see all of their projects and a selection of available vehicles.

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