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Installation: Cycleracks Rear Rack for Suzuki DR200

The stock DR200 comes only with pillion handles, which I have used as a rear rack. I was able to strap some bags/panniers to it, but it does nothing to keep the material away from the exhaust. After doing some research, it looked like Cycleracks made one of the best rear racks for my bike. It provides for a nice large platform for a top box or bag, as well as a place to mount side panniers, well away from the heat of the exhaust. These are constructed from schedule 40 black pipe and powder coated. The bends and welds are all nicely done. No hardware is necessary, as these racks use existing bolts on the motorcycle.

The first step is to remove the 8 bolts from the pillion handles – 6 on the outside, and 2 underneath the fender:

Once these are removed, the fender can be separated from the handles, allowing the Cyclerack to fit in between:

Then the Cyclerack will fit inside the forward-most bolt of the handles:

A downward view of the Cyclerack mounted atop the pillion handles:

Tightening the final bolts to the fender:

The installation took about 30-45 minutes, with no major obstacles. It attached very strongly to the bike, and provides for easier access points to grab & lift in the event of droppage. The next step will be to mount up some panniers and report back on how it performs on the trail!