GSI Pinnacle Soloist

If you’re into backpacking or adventure motorcycling you’ll know that size, weight, and durability are crucial factors to consider when you’re picking out gear for your next trip. You need something reliable enough to be used every day, small enough to fit in your pack, and light enough so you don’t break your back. This can be a tall order to fill, especially when considering full cook sets, but fear not, GSI Outdoors has delivered a solution with their new Pinnacle Soloist.

The core of the Soloist is the 1.1 liter pot that incorporates a locking handle for easy and sturdy movement while cooking. Constructed of hard anodized aluminum, the pot is coated in a layer of non-stick Teflon with GSI’s “Radiance Technology”, which allows for equal heat distribution and 25% faster warm up times. Also included in the kit is a 14 oz insulated mug and bowl combination. It’s made of the same anodized aluminum and Teflon material as the pot giving them both long term abrasion and scratch resistance.

Inside the kit you’ll find a tough nylon lid for covering the pot that is not only heat and crush proof, but also features a built-in strainer for easy draining. The strainer can also be utilized as a top for the bowl for easy sipping and preventing spills. When you’ve finished cooking the bowl and pot can be cleaned inside the stove bag that doubles as a camp sink. Surprisingly all of this packs down to a compact (5.00″ x 5.40″ x 5.50″) kit that weighs just 10.9 oz. Not bad, considering you can get your hands on one for a very reasonable $44.95.

GSI Outdoors [link]

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