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Gear Pockets are just that—a grid of organizational pockets for holding your gear. The system is designed with the wall of a garage or tent in mind, but it can be used just as easily on the side of a vehicle, the branch of a tree, or anywhere else with convenient space to hang it.

We were given the smallest model of Gear Pockets, the Organizer, for evaluation. While shorter than their other models, the Organizer still measures in at 26-inches wide and a full four feet tall. This size is great for use at the home or office to organize gear, but we’d love to see a half-size version for use in camp.

GearPockets Hanging by Hooks

The Organizer is hung via four metal grommets spread across the top, and hardware is included for mounting it to a wall. The grommets are close enough to the edge and large enough that using them with hooks or carabiners in the field is no challenge. While only intended to be hung from the metal grommets, the Gear Pockets can be hung in two additional ways: the carry handle or a small adjustable strap with an SRB buckle, both placed top and center. These are nice options to have in situations where hooks or screws would be inappropriate, such as hanging from a tree branch. Unfortunately, a single center strap does little to stabilize the Gear Pockets or keep them from folding over. It would be nice to instead see two of these straps, one placed at each corner, for a universal and truly hassle-free solution.

Grommets for Hanging Convenient Carry Handle

The pockets themselves are well made, with double-stitched stress points and a durable mesh. I prefer positive closures on my gear (buttons, snaps, velcro), but the thick elastic band capping off each pocket is adequate to secure most items one would store in them. This model features four small pockets in the top row, eight taller pockets in two center rows, and two pockets large enough for shoes in the bottom row. A roll of duct tape will fit in the medium-sized pockets (barely), but clearly this system is designed around more camp- or sports-oriented gear. In addition to the pockets are the afore mentioned adjustable strap with SRB buckle at the top-center of the system, and four longer straps (also with SRBs) along the bottom.

Double-Stitched Pockets Helmet/Gear Loops

If you haven’t overloaded the pockets, the Gear Pockets can simply be rolled up with gear in them for transport. The four straps along the bottom serve the additional function of keeping the roll closed up. While this works well, if the straps were moved all the way down to the bottom seam the roll would have a much cleaner appearance. The ability to simply roll up the Gear Pockets makes it worth consideration as a camp kitchen, shower, or toiletry kit that can be effortlessly deployed and hung up where needed—be that next to the stove, or inside a PortaPrivy.

Hanging from a Roof Rack

The Organizer has been put to use organizing some of our assorted camp gear in the shop—we’ll update you at a later date on how well it has held up. To view the other Gear Pockets models, or purchase one for yourself, visit them at

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