Gear Scout: Alu-Box Storage Cases

On any given overland journey, there are a multitude of items on hand which require safe and secure storage. Camera equipment, recovery gear, and all the other accoutrements of adventuring need to be carefully stowed, possibly locked, and ideally protected from the ingress of water or dust. As storage solutions go, the Alu-Box Pro is about as nice as it gets. They are virtual vaults, constructed of the highest quality materials with field-tested designs and features.

As the name would imply, each Alu-Box Pro case is constructed of high-grade sheet aluminum with heavy duty aluminum-casted corners. Interlocking seams and oversized rivets connect the various components and secure the insulated handles and robust locking latches. A full rubber seal around the perimeter of the case seals out water and dust as do the silicon sealed seams throughout the case.

The advantages of an aluminum box are many fold. At one third the weight of steel, aluminum has impressive strength to weight properties. Although a medium-sized Alu-Box weighs but 10-15 pounds, it can haul up to 200 pounds without complaint. The aluminum construction is also very low-volume unlike roto-molded cases which have a tremendous amount of bulk relative to the amount of gear they can contain. The aluminum doesn’t rust and is unaffected by weather extremes, something that can again plague roto-molded cases. The case lids are flat making them superb impromptu tables or chairs, and the corner castings are designed to facilitate secure stacking of multiple cases. Available in a variety of sizes, there’s an Alu-Box for every application.

This being Expedition Portal, it is fair to address the price of an Alu-Box with an appropriate degree of sensitivity. These are without a doubt, expensive boxes. To some, they may be egregiously expensive. At $290 for a 73 liter case they are a sizable investment, but it’s important to realize this may be the last case you ever buy. When you think of the tens of thousands of dollars that go into the preparation of an even modestly built overland rig, $290 for such a quality storage solution isn’t as offensive as it seems at first blush. It’s also relative to the contents one might store in a case such as this. As a home for valuable and essential items, that price may be insignificant. One thing is certain, after seeing an Alu-Box in person there is no doubt they are truly expedition grade and beautifully crafted.

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