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Fjallraven is giving away U.S. National Parks Passes this Holiday Season

Last year Swedish outdoor gear and clothing maker Fjällräven gave away U.S. National Parks Passes at their brick and motor stores on November 29th. This year, they are using an interactive online platform to continue the giveaway, offering customers a more responsible and socially distanced way to participate.

This holiday giveaway runs from Nov 20th through December 15th. In addition to the National Parks Passes, Fjällräven is also giving away two grand prizes of $500 store credit for in-person or virtual shopping experiences. While you can still gain entries for this contest by visiting a physical store, Fjällräven has adopted a Blockchain technology-based approach to this contest and is utilizing their pre-existing interactive online platform where participants can earn digital coins known as Fox Coins. The more Fox Coins you earn, the higher your chances of winning. Participate in the contest for free here.

From Fjällräven:

“This year, given the challenges of in-store giveaways due to COVID-19, Fjällräven has evolved their successful blockchain technology which utilizes SmartMedia Objects, also known as Fox Coins, to meet users safely where they are and virtually engage with them. For 30 days beginning on November 20, the brand will give away 50 annual U.S. National Park passes to users who collect Fox Coins to increase their chances of winning. Users will also be entered to win one of two grand prizes for a virtual or in-store shopping experience valued at $500 each.

“We have been walking with nature for over 50 years at Fjällräven,” says Fjällräven’s CEO of Americas and V.P. of Fenix Outdoor International AG, Nathan Dopp. “Nature is there for anyone to experience, which is why we’re providing people across the country the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the benefits nature has to offer. This year, we’re excited to give the gift of experiencing the outdoors with our second U.S. National Park pass giveaway in addition to personalized shopping experiences to gear up two winners to get outside, enjoy nature and create memories.


“Right now, more people are turning to nature as a source of inspiration and to reenergize,” says Fjällräven’s V.P. of Brand Experience, Jean-Marie Shields. “We want to empower users to experience the positive effect getting into nature has on the body and mind.”


Learn more and enter the giveaway here.

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