Find Camping Nirvana with the Zenvanz Modular Sprinter Conversion

The explosion of first-time campervan owners over the past few years has been met eagerly by upfitters, who offer everything from basic to boogie van builds. Want a simple bed and some cabinetry? No problem. Want radiant in-floor heat, on-demand solar-powered hot water, and satellite communication? Yep, that’s also available.

As you can imagine, the premium (and who are we kidding) even basic builds come with hefty price tags. But just because someone can afford a $100K+ 4×4 upfitted Sprinter, doesn’t mean they’re averse to saving money. And this is where Zenvanz has found their niche. In addition to custom builds, Zenvanz offers pre-fabricated modular units for Mercedes Sprinters starting at $18K which users can install themselves, allowing huge savings (over $50K+) in labor costs versus a pro installation.


“Our modular DIY kit was designed and built to be not only of the highest quality materials and finishes (to hold up to the rigors and elements of vanlife) but was also reverse engineered to simply bolt into existing factory holes so that anyone could do the install on their own and with limited tools.” –Zenvanz

Zenvanz upfits are characterized by beautiful bamboo and aluminum finishes with sleek, clean lines reminiscent of the nautical cabins which inspired their design. If you do opt to do-it-yourself, you’ll still need to install (or sub-contract) electrical and plumbing systems. But because the components are easily removable, you could be out the door on your first trip with a simple bed platform and work on electrical and plumbing incrementally.

Some of the stand-alone components that Zenvanz offers include a kitchen/galley, bedside cabinets, upper cabinets, 3-panel bed system, and a fold-out gear drying rack. Zenvanz also works directly with clients, designing and fabricating custom solutions in their signature bamboo and aluminum finish.

For aspiring van owners who want to let the pros handle everything, Zenvans offers full build services utilizing industry-standard, high-quality equipment, and appliances like Maxxair fans, 3M insulation, Isotherm refrigerator/freezers, and Espar heaters. Full upfits on new vehicles come with a two-year warranty on Zenvanz parts and labor (and 3- or 5-year Mercedes Benz warranties as well).

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