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Field Tested: Aether Compass Motorcycle Pants

Well designed motorcycle gear with clean lines and built in safety measures was the unicorn of the moto-world until Aether came along with both it’s Canyon and Skyline jackets, offering remarkable safety and function without the obnoxious colors and logo overload. With the introduction of the Compass Motorcycle Pants Aether continues its trajectory with muted colors and contemporary styling to complement the jackets. While Aether pitches it as an urban riding pant I haven’t used them for anything but adventure touring in its purest form. Within days of receiving a pair of prototypes I was being chased up Lippencott Road by a sandstorm in Death Valley, California. That trip saw temperatures from the 20’s up to the 70’s, with everything from blinding sun and sandstorms to rain and snow flurries. The pants worked beyond expectations and I didn’t look like a fat snowmobiler or storm trooper, like so many other motorcycle clothes have seemingly gained their styling cues from. The heavy-duty Scottish canvas has a soft hand, is breathable and is very comfortable  to wear on and off the road. Aether teamed with D30 for removable impact resistant body armor on the hips and knees that is unobtrusive and soft until impact. I’ve since put close to 3k miles in on the pants and like other offerings from the young company, the gear is only getting better with age as the pants break in nicely. $475




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Sinuhe Xavier is a commercial photographer and director invited to join the Director’s Guild of America in 2008. When he is not telling stories for his advertising clients he can be found as the creative director for Overland Journal or behind the wheel of his 1962 Land Rover Series IIa mapping remote routes across Utah.