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In the world of upfitters offering fully custom campervan builds, there are a handful of businesses that stand out from the crowd, and Boulder Campervans is one. Founded by Anna and Brian Crider in Boulder, Colorado, this business is the culmination of the couple’s life-changing experience living and traveling full time in a campervan. After that journey, the Criders wanted to help create the same opportunities and travel experiences for others, so they began performing high-quality, premium campervan conversions in Boulder, Colorado.

“In 2017, Brian and I made the big move,” said Anna. “We sold the majority of our belongings, purchased a converted van, and hit the road. We did this for the same reasons most people do, to free ourselves from the everyday mundane, to experience an alternative lifestyle, to have the freedom to travel and see the country, and to live our lives to the fullest!”

“Little did we know that the universe had other plans for us! Two months into our journey, we found out that I was pregnant, which threw a wrench into our “plan,” but it was actually a blessing in disguise. We continued to travel and live in our van for five more months, and during [that time] we definitely had ups and downs (which anyone who has experienced vanlife knows is par for the course!) Looking back, even the lows are now fond memories and experiences we would not have changed for the world.”


“Our time on the road gifted us a new outlook on life and an itch for vanlife that we cannot shake. Even now, we get out in our converted van as much as possible with our daughter, Hazel. The solitude, liberation, and self-sufficiency we experience every time we are traveling is unprecedented and gives us that balance we need in order to run such a thriving business. I believe it is also the root of why we are so successful.”


The Customer as Designer

One of the most unique aspects of hiring Boulder Campervans for a vehicle conversion is their commitment to offering a high-touch experience, involving the customer in the design process from start to finish. They have developed this system to ensure that the customer’s vision comes to fruition, and so far, it has been a big success.

“All of our builds are 100 percent custom to exactly what the client envisions,” says Anna. “The unique floor plans that we have created have been a collaboration between our build team and the clients. We work very closely with each client throughout the design process and build process to ensure that their visions come to fruition and all their needs are met.”


The Process

Because every vehicle conversion is a custom affair, the build process with Boulder Campervans starts with an intake form that collects a variety of details regarding which features and amenities customers want in their vehicle. This information, combined with the choice of a Mercedes, Dodge, or Ford platform (and an initial deposit), secures a spot in the queue and officially begins the design phase.

Customers then meet with the design team to discuss their vision. Once the customer and design team feel confident with their collaboration, a set of 3D blueprints are created. Further refinements can then be made to the placement of amenities and lighting within the vehicle. At this time, customers can also explore a variety of interior material choices, including different fabrics and finishes.

Once the build begins, it generally takes two to three months to complete the conversion (dependent on the amenities and systems being installed). Throughout the build, customers are kept informed of progress with photos and videos, providing them the opportunity to contact the build team should there be any concerns or changes to their needs.

“All of our builds have a welded steel infrastructure, opposed to wood, which is commonly used,” Said Anna. “Most of our builds are 4WD, so we need the [interior] elements to be as strong as possible to allow for off-roading without affecting the build. We also use bamboo for all of our cabinetry and wooden elements. We chose bamboo [because it is] incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly as well as 100-percent recyclable. Bamboo has the same strength-ratio as steel and twice the compressions-ratio as concrete, all while being extremely lightweight with high levels of elasticity.”

Campervan Conversions by Boulder Campervans start at approximately $40,000 and go up to $150,000 (campervan not included in the conversion price). Vehicles upfitted come with a 1-year, 12,000-mile warranty on materials and labor.

All builds are custom, and accordingly, no two vehicles are quite the same. With the only limitation being your own imagination, you can include just about anything you could possibly want in your build. That said, the Boulder team utilizes industry-standard components from brands such as Zamp Solar, Victron, Isotherm, Method Wheels, and Falcon Performance Shocks, to name a few.


Learn more about Boulder Campervans conversions here.


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