Expedition Portal Classifieds :: Limited Edition 1937 Kenworth Rainier Tour Bus

Legacy Classic Trucks in Jackson, Wyoming, is well known for its a-la-carte classic vehicle builds featuring the Dodge Powerwagon, Jeep Scrambler, and Chevy NAPCO. But Legacy doesn’t stop there. They also offer one-off restorations that are so unique, they’ll make your head spin.

If you’ve been saving your lunch money for a rainy day, now might be a good time to go big and own a piece of history. Legacy Classic Trucks is offering a limited edition 1937 Kenworth Mount Rainier National Park tour bus with a “fully restored vintage look and drivability.”


“Today, most people associate Kenworth with large format semi-trucks, but the company actually manufactured buses as part of its business back in the 1930s,” comments Legacy Classic Trucks Founder Winslow Bent. “Decades have passed, but the Kenworth Mount Rainier tour buses delighted travelers for years and years. When we were presented with the rare chance to work on the bus, we knew it was just too cool to pass up. Our work at Legacy Classic Trucks is focused on giving workhorses like the Mount Rainier tour bus a new life, and we can’t think of a more deserving vehicle. This tour bus has brought so much happiness to the world.”


This particular bus was in service from 1937 to 1962, transporting passengers from local hotels to Mount Rainier. Legacy Classic Trucks made some modifications to ensure that this iconic vehicle will continue performing:


  • Six-cylinder Hercules JXD engine (130 horsepower) mated to the original 5-speed transmission
  • 20×6 Budd wheels and bias ply tires
  • Full-body restoration including rust repair and repainting
  • Retro-style gauges
  • All sconces restored to original 1930’s vintage
  • Original patina’d wood flooring
  • Upgraded bench seating upholstered in imported Italian leather


The bus features seating for 18 passengers with an open-top canopy allowing for almost completely unobstructed views.



“Interestingly, the Mount Rainier Kenworth bus was actually brought to us by a long-time customer who thought Legacy could have some fun with this project,” continues Bent. “Restoring a classic bus like this takes an insane amount of work. A larger format vehicle demands an exacting amount of detail, so the restoration is more extensive. However, it was one of the most rewarding processes in our company’s history, and Legacy couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out restoring this bonafide piece of automotive history.”


This one-of-a-kind, classic Mount Rainier Kenworth tour bus can be yours for the cool price of $580,000. Contact Legacy Classic Trucks at www.legacyclassictrucks.com or call 307-734-6500.


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