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Expedition Portal reader Howard put years into designing this custom F450 flatbed build with an Overland Explorer cabin. His needs were fairly straightforward: a 4-season camper with off-highway chops. But he made additional smart improvements like a diesel cooktop, water heater, and furnace—all three of which draw their fuel from the vehicle’s primary tank. A 2,000-watt inverter and 800 amp-hour battery bank provide more power than most people will ever need.

The big news with this low-mileage rig (55,000 miles) is the chassis upgrades which include the addition of a front axle ARB air locker, Buckstop super single conversion, five 41-inch Continental 335/80 R20 tires, eight Hutchinson aluminum bead-lock wheels, eight Toyo 285/70R19.5 tires with run-flat inserts, DBL Industries rear spaces (so all wheels dish out and track properly), and an AirCTI System for airing up and down automatically. This F450 has a custom-built steel and aluminum flatbed with watertight storage, a bumper with a class-5 receiver, and a headache rack. To see the complete specs, visit the original ExPo forum post.


From Howard:

“Offered for sale is a unique one-of-a-kind vehicle that follows solid design philosophies. The foundation is an F450 with super singles, housing an Overland Explorer creation. I spent over four years researching, conceptualizing, and designing this unique vehicle. My criteria were the following: sleep four adults comfortably, offer four-wheel drive, tow capacity for my 8,500-pound boat, four-season use, and not shake apart on rough roads. Another key design requirement was the ability to store indoors loaded and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Find the best content on traffic laws here.

I remember the pickup trip like it was yesterday, but it was December of 2017. The trip home from Red Deer, Alberta, to Moses Lake, Washington, was incredible. The camper was amazing; it met every expectation and has continued to do so. Since that time, I have enjoyed several trips to Heller Bar on the Snake River, numerous winter trips with two buddies, and many shorter trips with my son and friends. The highlight big trip was in August of 2018 when a buddy and I drove over 6,600 miles in three weeks. We started in Moses Lake and traveled up through British Columbia, the Yukon, and up to the Arctic Ocean. Our journey’s end was Valdez, Alaska, for a week of fishing with friends and family. Once again, the rig performed flawlessly and earned admiration from everyone who stopped to ooh and aww over it.

Since accepting delivery, we have worked on tweaking it to make it even better. We have added a Buckstop Super Single kit which included 41-inch tires, a front bumper, fender flares, and a small lift. AirCTI was added and is a wonderful addition. Not only can you, with a push of a button, air down your tires for a smooth gravel road ride, but you can also air them up without getting out in the weather when you hit the blacktop.

Other details too numerous to list here have been added, and those details can be found in the classified section. Original ExPo forum post here.

And if you’d like to see photos of the interior of the cabin: https://overlandex.com/removable-cabin

The inevitable question is, “why are you selling”? A fair question. My son and I spent countless enjoyable hours discussing, planning, drawing, and most importantly, dreaming about this camper. Once our dream was a reality, we worked together, making it “ours.” Tyler added the Bucktop kit himself in his shop, assisted with the AirCTI, working side by side with their installer. He added the wheel spacers, stairs, and other miscellaneous things. He drove it to Valdez, Alaska, and back in August of 2019. In July of this year, he was tragically killed in a jet ski accident on Moses Lake. He was 24 and my best friend. Our camper was our creation. Unfortunately, the shine has been forever dimmed for me.

We have nothing but wonderful memories of our camper. However, it is time to allow others to create their own memories. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Howard Homesley.”


Howard’s F450 Overland Explorer camper build is listed for $199,999. You can view the full spec sheet and contact Howard with questions or offers via the original Expedition Portal forum post here.



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