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Editor’s note – SOLD 9/15

Todd originally had this unique fire rescue conversion completed by the expert builders at Fornya Design Co. as the ultimate overlanding rig for a year of travel and adventure. But once Todd hit the road, he began receiving unsolicited offers almost immediately. Seeing the attention that his custom vehicle garnered on the road, he decided to purchase another fire rescue vehicle and begin another unique conversion project. But first, this practically brand-new rig needs to find another home.

Todd named this one-of-a-kind monster overlander Fat Stanley, an homage to the character Flat Stanley from the popular children’s book series as well as the town of Stanley, Idaho, where he traveled on his inaugural adventure. The name Fat Stanley was also partially in honor of Todd’s grandmother, Wilma Stanley, who like Todd, had a passion for travel and adventure.


From Todd

“In our search for the perfect overlander, we kept coming up short with build-outs matching our basic checklist:

  • Comfortable and spacious overland vehicle
  • High roof clearance in living space
  • Multiple power sources including solar, propane, gasoline, and diesel
  • Off-road capability with plenty of clearance
  • Easily off-grid for over a month
  • Interior space large enough for two-three adults and two dogs
  • Hot shower and toilet
  • Full functioning kitchen with highly efficient fridge/freezer
  • Interior and exterior cooking setup


So, when we came across an available 2006 E350 super-duty, turbo-diesel fire rescue vehicle that had just been retired from LA County, we took notice of a few additional benefits as well. The absolute highest quality and manufacturing standards are never overlooked in the construction of fire rescue vehicles: they are intentionally built like tanks and are equally agile and durable, able to fit into parking spaces, and to legally park anywhere you can park a full-size truck or delivery van. Oh yeah, they also look cool!

When considering the time and engineering that has been put into their construction, there was simply no better option when choosing a platform to build our custom overlander. Meet our rig, Fat Stanley.”




  • 2006 E450 Super-duty Fire Rescue Custom Conversion
  • 6.0L turbo-diesel (118,000 original miles)
  • Bulletproofing with added external oil cooler
  • Ford Posi Dana Differential on dually rear end
    • Independent limited-slip differential
  • Full maintenance records: oil, fuel filters, trans flush, AC and pressure, differential—all executed with zero issues anywhere. Certified master mechanic maintained, available for review
  • Complete custom suspension package with 6-inch lift and new 315 Nitto Terra Grappler tires (6)
  • Coil-over with Bilsteins
  • Custom heavy-duty front and rear bumpers with hitch, tow rings, and ready for any light and/or winch package–pre-fit standard
  • High Roof: This conversion includes complete roof overhaul, complete removal, and extended 12inches in height. This rig boasts a full 6’2” clearance throughout the living space and complete pass through to the front cab.
  • Triple insulation throughout includes 3-inch foam through entire truck, plus sound deadening Kilmat on all floors and sidewalls, plus two-layer heat shield surrounding every surface for incredible heat/cooling efficiency and unbelievable soundproofing.
  • Custom paint everywhere, including white rubberized top coating to keep the rig cool in the summer


Rear Cabin

  • Full kitchen with stainless sink, black custom faucet with hose
  • 55-liter Massimo 12-volt refrigerator (drawing <35 watts)
  • Everest two-burner propane stove (under 2-inch butcher block lift up countertop)
  • Stainless cabinet storage drawers: locking, rattle-proof lining
  • Hot and cold water on demand through tankless propane heater (mounted in outside sealed cabinet, no C02 risk, but cabin monitor alarmed for any leak safety alert)
  • LED dimmable lighting and blue lighting
  • 32-inch smart TV with WiFi and Roku built in
  • Mixed modular walls with ProSlat compatible accessories for endless customization of wall storage and configuration for your specific trip/expedition
  • Aerospace-grade, carbon-fiber wall panels with foam core for extreme durability, plus carbon-fiber-backed vinyl ceiling panels throughout the entire cabin. One of a kind, bomb-proof interior.
  • Bathroom with rubberized tiling, portable self-contained head, and hot/cold on-demand indoor and outdoor shower
  • Full-size 8-inch memory foam mattress bed, folds to couch, customized slide-out with tons of underneath storage, carpeted
  • Rear overhead AC (brand-new Coleman Mach 10), runs on AC from shore or the onboard Yamaha generator
  • Rear MaxxAir 12-volt deluxe vent fan (blows in or out or closed it becomes a true ceiling fan), all on remote
  • Rear overhead hatch and separate vent with access to the roof from inside the cabin


Front Cab

  • Passenger side 360-degree swivel captain’s chair that becomes part of living space when camped
  • 10-inch touch screen stereo/GPS/Bluetooth/Android and Apple play compatible
  • Reverse camera, separate screen, and security camera view
  • Power windows, mirrors, separate AC in front/rear, custom carbon-fiber headliner w/ storage and overhead lighting
  • All new flooring with extensive soundproofing and insulation


Additional Features

  • Sealed “garage” cabinet with mounted 5-gallon propane and tankless hot water heater (automatic on demand)
  • Back up 200-amp Caterpillar battery charger/starter
  • Onboard high-power air compressor
  • Coleman Deluxe portable BBQ (all accessories are brand new)
  • PEX plumbing throughout entire rig
  • Water:
    • 16-gallon freshwater mounted under kitchen sink (inside cabin to keep ambient temp/no freeze) in winter
    • Additional 40-gallon fresh tank external (for 56 gallons total water storage)
    • 10-gallon gray holding with open/close valve (always open unless you’re in a commercial campground requiring holding)
    • Auto-detect water pump with external pressure tank for minimizing on/off, backflow valve protection installed
    • Hot/cold water on demand through kitchen sink and inside/outside shower.


Racks and Additional Equipment

  • Two external ladders and one internal ladder (from inside cab access to roof)
  • Two sets of surfboard/standup/kayak mounts for side mount
  • Front cab rack and cage for cargo, extra fuel, etc.
  • Main full-body overhead racking (12 feet x 8 feet) for mounting almost anything
  • Dual rear swing-arm racks for various configurations
    • Both rear swing-arm racks open independently from rear doors allowing for access.
  • Bike rack bars can carry four bikes and swing completely to the side without removing bikes.
  • Three jerry can cages with matching combination locks for each can
    • All jerry cans included: one diesel, one gasoline, one water reserve—all heavy-duty, government-issue grade
  • Front and rear bumpers are both extreme heavy-duty, custom-built for this specific rig. Winch-ready with cut-out and rear bumper with built-in hitch for towing, extension arms, etc., rear shackles mounted as well.
  • All racks designed and fabricated by a master welder, specific for this rig



  • 12-volt and 110-volt dual system to run all appliances
  • State of the art Delta EcoFlow lithium power center serves as the base unit to deliver power to all accessories, lights, TV, appliances, etc.
  • The 1,800-watt EcoFlow receives recharge from multiple sources installed in this rig: from the rooftop mounted solar panels, from the alternator, when running, from the onboard 2,300-watt Yamaha iGen generator, and from shore power when plugged in
  • The EcoFlow serves as the MPPT solar charger, 1,800-watt/3,300 peak inverter, power monitor with full LED readout screen—you can monitor every aspect of your incoming and outgoing power status in real-time. The EcoFlow charging time of the 1100amp hour lithium battery is just 1 hour (or less) from 0-100%
    • USB-A x 2 @12W, USB-C x 2 @60W, DC power on/off, AC power on/off, 6 AC outputs, car port 13.6 volts
  • Solar 300-watt, monocrystalline, high-efficiency panels (2), providing constant daytime power to EcoFlow system that allows for complete off-grid camping for days
  • Yamaha iGen 2,300-watt max, 1,800-watt constant onboard gasoline generator
  • If no sun for solar, power on the generator to charge the EcoFlow from 0-100% in just 60 minutes
  • Generator is able to run inside closed, external compartment, fully vented with an internal air intake fan mounted underneath the compartment, and all exhaust piped to the opposite rear end of rig
    • Generator holds .8 gallons and can run for three-five hours per gallon, or enough to charge your onboard battery three-four times 100 percent. External jerry cans hold additional 5-15 gallons of (gas, diesel, or water) for weeks or months of boondocking capability
    • Generator is capable of starting and running the overhead rear air-conditioning unit (Coleman Mach 10), no need for a soft start or inverter as it is wired directly and works perfectly. Note: the rear overhead AC also runs from any shore power through the external, direct 110V hookup
  • Starter batteries: Two onboard 800-amp starter batteries, one in use, one for backup. Both are completely separate from the EcoFlow lithium house battery.



  • This vehicle is being offered with a 1-year warranty parts/labor on all custom build-out listed above. Total value of warranty not to exceed $10,000 parts + labor (i.e., up to $10,000 covered). Details for warranty negotiable and can be settled at the time of purchase contract.


Todd’s E450 Super Duty Fire Rescue Custom Conversion: Editor’s note – SOLD 9/15.

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