Expedition Portal Classifieds :: 2016 4X4 Sprinter 2500 Land Yacht

Skip the waitlist and get yourself a 4X4 Mercedes Sprinter, fully built out and ready for an overland adventure. This 2016 4X4 Sprinter 2500 was designed for use as a full-time home on the road and has been meticulously maintained to go the distance.


It’s all in the Details

This 144-inch wheelbase, high-roof Mercedes Sprinter has a V6 diesel engine with 72,000 miles on its odometer (VIN # WD4FE7CD7GP322015). The layout of this campervan was designed in collaboration with ZenVanz and Overland Van Project out of Portland, Oregon.

“My first consideration was the bed. The sideways orientation was accommodated by a pair of custom fiberglass flare-out windows from FlareSpace. Insulated and upholstered, they create the ideal sleeping nook while freeing up space midship for the galley and art studio.”


The 4-inch, 100 percent organic latex mattress has varied density, making it feel much thicker. An auxiliary split twin mattress made of the same material is also included and can be used as a guest bed or couch. Both the main mattress and auxiliary mattress have handsewn linen covers.


Other stand-out features include a Lonseal marine-grade vinyl floor with cherry veneer, ZenVanz furniture-grade bamboo and machined aluminum custom cabinetry, Havelock wool insulation, Isotherm refrigerator, lithium house batteries, induction cooktop, CR Laurence windows with rain flaps, and Drone Mobile GPS tracking. Additional equipment from Wabasto and Aluminess.

From Aaron:

“I am a graphic novelist and professional illustrator, and I am also a student of dance and movement research, Contact Improvisation, and The Axis Syllabus. When I set out to build the van, my idea was to traverse the continent, attending dance workshops in Toronto, Portland, Berkeley, and Moab. My bread and butter come from my illustration practice, so I needed an art studio. The retractable hardwood cherry desk and the flat file drawer accommodated the needs of a professional art studio.

My favorite memory…Definitely visiting my high school theater teacher in Glacier Bay, Wisconsin, whom I haven’t seen in 23 years. He’s still a master craftsman, in his seventies, directing plays in the small lakeside town. Traveling with my van across the north country and seeing him was an indescribable pilgrimage—to revisit the man who was my first mentor and guided me on my artist’s path.

In fact, all of the workshops I attended were taught by teachers who have become personal mentors. The van has been a kind of shuttlecraft, allowing me to immerse myself in teachings and practices that I otherwise would not have had access to. I mean, who can afford rent in Berkeley, California? The van brought me closer to the learning and the research that gives my life meaning and to the communities of dancers, artists, and movers who share my dedication and discipline for the craft.

The mountains, hot springs, and mesas were a backdrop to a journey filled with purpose.”


Aaron’s 2016 Mercedes Sprinter is listed for $150,000 and is currently located in Asheville, North Carolina. You can see additional build specs or DM Aaron with questions or offers via his original post in the Expedition Portal Forum Classified section here.

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