Expedition Portal Classifieds :: 2012 Ram Power Wagon Laramie w/FWC Hawk Flatbed

Here’s a flatbed truck camper straight from the ExPo forum classifieds that is ready for a serious overland expedition. This 2012 Ram Power Wagon has every upgrade from the factory (except the seat-back DVD player) and is outfitted with a Four Wheel Campers Hawk flatbed truck camper as well as a slew of off-highway upgrades including Agile Offroad heavy-duty leaf springs and Fox remote-reservoir shocks (both installed by Agile), Firestone airbags with Daystar cradle, and Aluminess rock rails (installed by Aluminess).


Notable features in the Hawk flatbed camper include:

  • 130-liter two-way refrigerator
  • Forced-air furnace with digital thermostat
  • 8-foot awning
  • Two 100-amp/hour Battle Bourne lithium batteries
  • 320 watts of roof-mounted solar panels

From Kenny:

“We have had several builds over the years, starting with a Conqueror Compact in 2008 which worked amazingly until we had a 30-day trip where it rained 26 of those days. Next, we went to an Adventure Trailer Teardrop, in which we completed several amazing trips including an extraordinary [journey] from Connecticut to Alaska. With the birth of our son, we quickly outgrew the Teardrop and purchased a 4WC Hawk with the goal of [taking longer trips]. The flatbed gave us more storage and the ability to extend our traveling range.


The camper has been amazing for our family and has taken us all over California, the southern US, and Baja. Every factory and aftermarket upgrade was selected to ensure the reliability of the rig when traveling remotely, allowing us to stay off-grid and away from campsites for extended periods of time. The addition of lithium batteries and solar has allowed us to travel to isolated areas with our only limitation being the amount of water we can carry.

We specifically kept the Power Wagon when we upgraded to the Hawk flatbed for its stock off-highway performance and the gas engine which eliminated our worries about the availability of ULSD while we explored the Baja peninsula. The truck hasn’t had the camper removed since install, and we currently use it strictly for getting away on long weekends to Anza-Borrego or the occasional extended two-week trip to Baja (this is the reason mileage is at 50k). While selling the camper will undoubtedly be bittersweet, our next build (a few years out) will be more nautical in nature.”

Kenny’s 2012 Ram Power Wagon with FWC Hawk flatbed camper is listed for $78,000 and currently located in Santee, California. Full vehicle specs can be found on the original ExPo forum post and you can contact Kenny via direct message with questions or offers.

Matt is a paragliding pilot and adventure seeker living in Boulder, Colorado. His love of the outdoors has driven him to explore remote destinations across North and South America in search of the most aesthetic peaks and beautiful flying sites. IG: @m.b.swartz