Expedition Portal Classifieds :: 1993 Defender 110 NAS #84 of 500

Editor’s Note: SOLD (8/24/2020)


Here’s a great opportunity to get your hands on a meticulously-restored 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 North American Spec. that has been purpose-built for overland travel. This vehicle is number 84 of 500 manufactured.



The current owner, Matthew Weaver, is an overlanding pro who’s traveled through the deserts of the Middle East as well as Africa, always in a Defender. He’s built three Defenders over the course of his travel career, so it’s fair to say that he knows a thing or two about the platform. This, his third Landy project, has benefited from a lifetime of learning what it takes to build a reliable overlanding vehicle that can take your family of adventurers WAY off the beaten path.


From Matt:

“I have built three of these from my experience [traveling through] Africa. This is the last of the three and has all the lessons learned. The 2.8L power stroke, made by Ford Brazil, pulls like a draft horse but starts like a gas motor: zero glow plug or air warmer wait time. It is the 300Tdi made into a 2.8L instead of 2.5L and a larger variable vane turbo, so it bolts to the tranny the same as the 300Tdi. Replacement parts remain standard and easy to get. It’s not currently installed on this vehicle, but Front Runner makes a steel belly fuel tank [that mounts] under the driver side passenger area which would add an additional 500-kilometer range and loose zero cargo area. That does not include the built-in mounts on the rack that can hold four jerry cans or another 80 liters of fuel.”



“All of the electrical is rewired and new. Blue silicone tubing for all engine bay tubing and piping and radiator hoses, etc. Wolf Wheels. Low power consumption LEDs for all work and automotive lighting. All equipment is from Western suppliers (British, USA, South Africa). The frame and all sheet metal is galvanized. You cannot break this rig (if you do, likely you have bigger problems). I have made sure not to go exotic electrical or mechanicals so that it is serviceable anywhere in the world. The PS 2.8L is a mechanical diesel. No computers to fail you on the trail far from home, but decades of use around the world and easy to service.”



“The interior is comfortable. I added Puma Defender front seats which are much more comfortable [than stock seats], a nice stereo, and an inverter. The inverter was to power my wife’s photography equipment. It is conveniently out of the way, as it is built under the center cubby box, a trick we learned from a photographer in Africa. Also included is an Engel fridge/freezer 80L.”



“You can mount a rooftop tent easily (mounting points are already there) or tow [an offroad] trailer. The rig is not too big to get down the trails or between rocks, with plenty of space to be very comfortable. Either way, the ultimate go-anywhere, get away from Co-Vid or the Zombie Apocalypse machine.”



  • ECR-restored 1993 NAS Defender 110 w/galvanized frame, plastic tank
  • 2.8PS diesel with R380 5 speed and 1.4 LT230
  • Install SS exhaust system
  • Td5 style dash
  • Galvanize all steel parts (bulkhead, T-supports, cappings, etc.)
  • Alloy side door hinges
  • White/white roof/black cage
  • Puma front seats, standard NAS 60/40 middle row (no jump seats)
  • Vinyl seats (denim twill)
  • Black carpet in passenger areas
  • Stage II suspension
  • HD front and rear springs (cargo capacity)
  • Rear shock drop kit and retainers
  • Bilstein shocks
  • BFG M/T KM2 255/85R16
  • Wolf vented rims (body color)
  • ROX full-length roof rack
  • 2x long LED lamps on front, bottom of rack
  • Limb riser mounts
  • 2x LED 120 work/reverse lamps on rear of rack
  • Numerous tie-down points
  • ROX protection package: diff guards, tie road guard, HD drag link
  • Black diamond plate on fenders and rear 1/4s
  • Shovel on fender, supply shovel
  • 1995-style LED tail lamps
  • Raised breathers
  • Limb risers
  • 600-watt inverter under cubby box
  • ROX tire carrier
  • Spare tire and 2x cans
  • ROX sliders BLACK
  • ARB air lockers front and rear
  • Set up compressor for tire fill
  • 4.11 gearing
  • ROX front bumper and skid plate
  • Warn XD9000 winch
  • Winch rope
  • 2x recovery points
  • Hi-Lift mount on bumper
  • Supply Hi-Lift and handle brace
  • Alpine single DIN head unit 149BT (AM/FM/CD/iPod/USB) w/4x JL Audio speakers
  • Dyna-mat interior where possible
  • Rhino-Line cargo area



  • Installed fridge: Engel MT45, mounted to top of drawer system on RH side, equal front to rear, 4 to 5 inches from RHR side window, opening to the rear.
  • Install rear cargo area drawer set up: FrontRunner SSLD001
  • Supply side awning and fit to vehicle: Eezi-Awn 2000 2.5 w/under awning LED lights
  • Vision X front bumper lamp bar



Matthew’s 1993 Defender: SOLD


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