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Episode #160 Principles of Overlanding: Building a 70 Series Land Cruiser

70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Scott Brady and Paul Marsh discuss the Principles of Overlanding, selecting and modifying a 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser. Paul shares his experience building hundreds of 70 series models for trans-continental journey (primarily in Africa), including his own projects. Paul also assisted with the preparation of the VDJ78 for Expeditions 7, setting it up for travel in Antarctica. Scott shares his experience racing a PZJ73 in the Outback Challenge and also owning an LJ78 and BJ74. Additionally, Scott shares his experience building the VDJ78s for Expeditions 7, and using the platform with Greg Miller to take the same Land Cruiser to all seven continents.

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Learn More About Expeditions 7:

“First is forever,” reverberated through the air on the night the Expeditions 7 team celebrated becoming the first to drive a 4×4 vehicle on all seven continents. The moment Expedition Leader Scott Brady congratulated his team, those in attendance simultaneously played a personal reel, mental images flashing in quick succession: narrowly avoiding jail in Russia; enduring mucky recovery efforts in the dark; being surrounded by elephants, hippos, and crocodiles in the Okavango Delta; launching over endless sand dunes; bisecting Antarctica with up to 40 consecutive hours of driving. These highs and lows led to the instant the tires of a record-breaking Land Cruiser named Fernweh touched South America, its seventh continent. Read the full story here.

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