Deus Gripping Gloves

We are big fans of products that look good, work great, and are timeless. Unfortunately in our modern, disposable society not many people want to pay what it costs to get that kind of quality. Harold’s Gloves in Japan used to make a timeless glove of soft supple Napa cowhide, with an elasticized palm and finger-stitching to ensure there were no wrinkles between your skin, and the grips of your bike, called the Gripping Glove. With the economic downturn they went recently went out of business.

The folks at Deus Ex Machina worked with the original Japanese factory that produced Harold’s Gear to reintroduce the Gripping Glove, exactly the same as the original, but now branded Deus. We found them comfortable, breathable, and with good tactile control, allowing us to easily adjust the little control knobs and buttons prevalent on so many modern motorcycles.

Available from for $150.