Detailed Walk-Around :: Ineos Grenadier Trialmaster for Overlanding

Ineos Grenadier


For this video, we do a deep dive into the Grenadier’s specifications and components, reviewing all of the drivetrain, gear ratios, traction devices, features, and accessories. The Grenadier is “Built on Purpose” for overland travel, with the capacity and payload to support long-distance remote travel. With robust underpinnings, the Grenadier Trialmaster includes 32″ BFGoodrich ATs on 17-inch steel wheels. The front and rear solid axles feature driver-selectable differential locks. Those are turned from a full-time transfer case with a 2.5:1 low range and center differential lock. The straight-six, turbocharged gasoline engine drives the eight-speed ZF transmission.

The interior is all about simplicity and functionality, with upright glass and a large storage area. The boxy interior is accessed from the four main doors and the rear ambulance doors. Classic switches abound, and all surfaces are designed for durability and wear and tear. Even the Recaro seats are mechanically adjustable to reduce failures.

Key Overland Features and Specifications:

  • Body-on-frame construction
  • Solid front and rear axles with differential locks
  • Long-travel coil-sprung suspension
  • Full-time transfer case with low-range 17-inch wheels and large wheel openings that will accommodate a 33-inch+ tire
  • Global drivetrain (BMW) and fuel type (Unleaded)
  • Class-leading 1,700 – 2,000 pound payload
  • Squared-off exterior and interior maximize storage volume (and is long enough to sleep in)
  • Minimalist interior is both comfortable (Recaro seats, etc.) and durable
  • Designed intentionally for modification and customization


Ineos Grenadier