Destinations :: Tye River Cabins in Skykomish, Washington

Photo Courtesy: Tye River Cabin Co.


Do mountain retreats get any more romantic than the classic A-frame cabin? These simple structures have been built all over the world in mountainous environments where they excel at shedding huge loads of winter snow. But their renewed popularity in modern culture can be attributed to more than just their weather resistance. Perhaps our affinity for A-frames is rooted in nostalgia: their timeless design or their association with America’s mid-century mountain leisure escapes. Maybe we just love the idea of a fortress in the woods where we can get away from it all. And who couldn’t use an escape these days?

Photos Courtesy: Tye River Cabin Co.


If it’s an escape that you are after, look no further than Tye River Cabin Co.’s 3 A-frames, located in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, tucked under shady groves of pine trees high on Stevens Pass in Washington state. The Tye Haus, Sky Haus, and Foss Haus are all named after local rivers and are located within close proximity to an almost limitless amount of hiking and other outdoor activities. If cold weather doesn’t dissuade you, a winter visit offers the additional benefits of local snowmobile rentals, dog sled adventures, snowshoeing, or a dip in the picturesque Scenic hot springs.

Photos Courtesy: Tye River Cabin Co.

Photo Courtesy:


Check out the Tye River Cabin Co.’s Instagram page for additional A-frame inspiration or book your stay here.

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