Destination: Manshausen Sea Cabins, Steigen, Norway

If you love remote coastlines and simple, modern architecture, then be sure to add the Manshausen Sea Cabins in Steigen, Norway, to your must-visit list of Arctic Circle destinations.

Located southeast of the Lofoten Islands, you’ll find this collection of seven unique cabins perched on the rocky shores of a 14-acre island just off the coast of Grøtøy. Because this destination is located above the Arctic Circle, the seasons are drastically different. For instance, visitors enjoy 24 hours of daylight from May to mid-July, and once autumn arrives, the northern lights often dance across the sky. But during the early winter months of November through January, the island is closed to visitors due to early winter storms which batter the island. By February, when the weather has calmed, the cabins reopen, and visitors can once again visit, this time to enjoy the magical Norwegen winter.

Because of its sheltered location, Manshausen was an integral part of the Grøtøy trading post, which dates back to the 1600s. While the trading days have ebbed, fishing is still popular, and tourism has flourished, providing plenty of sea-centric activities like kayaking, diving, and hiking along the coast. No matter what your interests may be, Manshausen offers an isolated retreat where visitors can relax and enjoy the spectacular Norwegian landscape. In addition to the cabins, the island offers a restaurant, hot tub/sauna, expedition loft/classroom, and multiple docks for guests to utilize during their stay.

“Manshausen’s old Main House has been rebuilt and renovated and is today the heart of our island community. Here you will find our Restaurant and well-equipped kitchen, our second-floor Library with its amazing view, and, of course, our helpful staff.”

Learn more about the Sea Cabins or book your visit on theManshausen website.

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