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  • Destination: Ark Shelter Houses at Hotel Bjornson, Slovakia

Destination: Ark Shelter Houses at Hotel Bjornson, Slovakia

Photography by boysplaynice, courtesy of Design Boom


Ark Shelter is a collection of architects who are collaborating to “reinvent the way people live their lives.”

“In today’s fast world, society has fallen into a continuous loop of pressure and deadlines that forces stress and burn-outs. People are not following their own senses, and become slaves of artificially set timings and technology. This is why we’re losing connection with our biological roots.”

Dwellings created by Ark are simple, with basic forms and a minimum of technology, the idea being that their inhabitants can return to a simpler way of life in which they are more in touch with nature. In an Ark Shelter, your body is allowed to return to a natural biorhythm, falling asleep to the stars and waking up with the sun.


Hotel Bjornson, Slovakia

In a recent project for their Slovakian client, Hotel Bjornson, Ark Shelter created a cluster of modest and modern cabins (in their signature style) which were placed in a beautiful forested setting.

hotel bjornson 1hotel bjornson 2

hotel bjorson 3

To keep their environmental impact to a minimum, the architects utilized an existing clearing and constructed the cabins on stilts, minimizing disturbance to the surrounding ground and allowing the natural landscape to evolve underneath the structures. Each dwelling is comprised of two separate living spaces that can be combined by simply moving a wall partition.

Included amongst the dwellings are a handful of Ark Shelter modules which have been set up as saunas and relaxation rooms.


Learn more about Ark Shelter here, or book a stay in the Ark Shelter houses at Hotel Bjornson.


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