Curtiss Knives ODT Flipper

I’d venture to say that by now, the knife has earned the right to be called a legendary tool. It can truly do it all, and despite hundreds of years of technological advancements, it has managed to stay relevant in today’s world. I mean, how cool is it that an item used in ancient Egypt is still carried around in the days of space travel? Unfortunately, modern blade aficionados face a few problems that those in the past didn’t, chiefly, pocket space. Cell phones, car keys, and a myriad of other doodads now fill our trousers, making it increasingly difficult to store an edged tool without running out of space. Fortunately, there are solutions, and one of my favorites is the Curtiss ODT Flipper.

Let’s start by taking a quick look at the features of this knife. At 3 inches by 1 inch, the ODT (Original Dog Tag), Flipper is designed to fit perfectly in the watch pocket of your jeans or shorts, which keeps your main pockets free for other items like your car keys and wallet. The body is crafted from titanium with an integrated frame lock, and there are three grooves carved into the face for additional grip.
The blade, which has two distinct edges for different cutting purposes, is forged from CTS-XHP Stainless Steel for strength and corrosion resistance. Because this knife is meant to be used, it rotates on caged bearings with Curtiss Knives’ patented S.P.O.T. pivot system, which is designed to give the knife a smooth action and tight lockup even when debris like dirt and dust are present.
As soon as you hold the flipper in your hand, it’s quality is immediately apparent. The knife has a particular heft to it, and the blade deploys crisply with a satisfying click open or closed. Even people who aren’t into knives appreciate the craftsmanship, but there’s always one question they ask while turning it over in their hands. Does it really work as a knife?

The answer is a resounding yes. Despite some initial reservations about its size, I quickly realized that this pocket knife is the ideal solution for the tasks that pop up day to day. From opening packages and cutting rubber insulation off wiring to snipping zip ties or breaking down boxes, this little blade can tackle it all. It’s even useful for turning screws or functioning as a razor blade thanks to the flat front blade.

Its size does give it some limitations though. For example, it’s not going to be ideal for splitting a log or whittling a stick, and for those who worry about such things, it’s not exactly the best self-defense tool in the world. I suppose you could throw it at someone, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
The truth is that for these sorts of “survival” tasks the ODT Flipper just isn’t as effective as a full-length blade, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s designed to tackle the sort of things you encounter every day, and that’s where it excels. It is compact, lightweight, and so easy to carry that you’ll never have to think twice about grabbing it on your way out the door, and that’s where the true beauty of the Flipper lies. It’s the knife you’ll always have with you, and a small knife in your pocket is always better than a large one left at home.

The Curtiss Knives ODT Flipper currently retails for $280 USD and is available through their website here.

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