Expedition Utah Announces Relic Run 2011

As you sit in your office staring out the window dreaming of being somewhere, anywhere but here your phone rings. It’s your boss reminding you that the TPS report is due by noon and he wants to see it at least an hour ahead of that. You mutter as he hangs up and you turn back to your computer screen. A dozen new e-mails, your Blackberry is flashings its obnoxious little red light and your fax machine starts beeping that its about to receive a message. You hang your head and give a little sigh. All this technology was supposed to make life easier, but you long for the simpler days. Back when the pace was slower and life was a bit more carefree.

You look back out the window at the distant mountains and desert beyond and think of all those camping trips as a kid. Dad making that old Nissan Patrol go places you couldn’t imagine, Mom ringing the dinner bell to call you and the other kids back from playing in the trees for delicious Dutch Oven meals. Back when you had a smile on your face all the time and every day was full of adventure and intrigue.

This is where the Relic Run comes in. An annual event where we invoke the spirit of how we used to enjoy getting away from it all. That exploring the backcountry is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Born from the idea that many of us love to travel overland to beautiful locations, but that we had become overly dependent on our modern convinces. That it would be fun to do it the way we used to.

Participants in the Relic Run embrace the the way things used to be by bringing their 1970’s or older vehicles and camping gear while leaving the 21st century at the trail head. 2011 is the third annual outing for the Relic Run and we are proud to announce that this time around we will be heading to central Utah from July 8th through July 11th to explore and camp along the historic and scenic Skyline Drive. Each day will be filled with thrills as we bump along in our classic rigs and each night packed with events like gear show and tells, pot lucks, history and story telling.

If you want to experience a truly unique adventure and see some of the most beautiful vistas in the world, Relic Run’s organizers at Expedition Utah would like to invite you to join us by heading over to RelicRun.com and registering.