Briter Products: Innovating Solar and Lithium for the RV Industry

In the world of RVs, electricity has historically been produced by onboard generators or delivered from shore power hookups, but both of these options are slowly going the way of the dinosaurs. Thanks to improvements in solar panel efficiency and lithium battery technology, more and more RVers are making the switch to solar and enjoying the sustainability and independence offered by these modern power systems.

Imagine the freedom of being able to run all of your appliances anywhere (air-con included – but with big power-requirements). Solar systems are also silent and don’t produce exhaust, two advantages over gasoline and diesel generators. Lithium and solar may be a larger initial investment, but they pay dividends in the long run, with little to no maintenance costs, silent operation, and the freedom to roam. “We are excited for RVers because now they are not limited by the availability of campgrounds and shore power”, says Rohit Sonavane of Briter.

“Dry camping without power limitation has been a goal that we have been engineering towards for years.” says Avanti Lalwani of Briter Products. “Power is the most critical resource when RVing or camping. Previously it has been limited or fraught with difficult constraints such geography and seasonality.”

briter lithium batteries

Briter Products: Innovating Solar and Lithium for the RV Industry

Briter Products of South Bend, Indiana, is one manufacturer innovating off-grid power solutions for the RV industry with lithium battery and solar panel solutions. Their Ion-Ready LiPo battery systems have lifespans up to 5000 charge-cycles and come housed in a steel casing. But because this is a purpose-built battery system that is designed to provide off-grid power, it is much more than just a simple lithium battery.

The Ion-Ready battery is comprised of multiple cells (as with most systems), but instead of being soldered, the cells are bolted together, provided a much more robust package that can handle life on the road. Additional built-in safety features include fuses between each battery cell, charge and discharge protection, and internal heat sensing. Additionally, three 100-amp-hour Ion-Ready batteries can be combined in Briter’s lithium battery bank, creating a 300-amp, 48-volt system that is perfectly-sized to be mounted in (most) existing RV generator compartments.

“Briter Products reveals its RV solar system tested in the Indiana winter with the Ion-Ready lithium-ion battery can recharge and power a Vitrifrigo refrigerator for over 5 days proving. The extraordinary performance of a 100 AH lithium battery, a solar panel and a refrigerator in the snowy Northern Indiana winter is a testament to the efficiency of the battery system and the refrigerator and the sensitivity of the solar panels to light. Limited to only 5 hours of sunlight per day, the solar panels were capturing around 600 Watts.”


Learn more about Briter lithium batteries and solar solutions on their website, here.


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