Air-Flow Seat Covers

Like everyone who buys a new bike with a stock seat, I quickly began looking for a solution to soften my ride. I had looked at replacing the seat on my 2020 factory-lowered BMW F 750 GS but found the price would leave me with few options in affording the multitude of accessories I dreamed of adding to my bike. I found my solution with Air-Flow Seat Covers.

I installed the product and took it for a 2,000-mile spin through the wilds of Colorado and Utah. I was not disappointed.

One year and 18,000 miles later, I was forced to replace it. In all honesty, I ride a lot in extreme weather. My bike has been subjected to harsh elements, heat, desert dryness, humidity, mud, rain, and snow, not to mention a few good drops, so it came as no surprise that I’d need to spend another $79 for a replacement cover—an act I surely didn’t mind.

This seat cover isn’t padded or created with foam. On the contrary, it’s a braided, honeycomb-like 3D elastic net that stretches over your seat and is secured by an elastic strap under the seat with two more Velcro straps for security.

The seat accomplishes many tasks: First, it cradles your derriere much like a hammock, distributing your weight evenly, so your butt never actually touches your seat. The patented netting allows for ample ventilation, whisking air under your bottom as you ride; in high temperatures, that can make a big difference between a comfortable ride and a sweaty one. Thirdly, it also allows rain to be whisked underneath your butt and away (no more wet crotch during rain showers). Another added benefit is that your seat isn’t hot to the touch after sitting in the heat of the sun for hours.

Headquartered in Huntington, New York, Air-Flow Seat Covers provide a multitude of styles to accommodate most any motorcycle, ATV, or scooter, whether single or split seat. It takes only minutes to install and, once in place, forms a unique shape to your bottom—much like breaking in a good pair of shoes. The company promises to change your riding experience, and they mean it. I have often ridden 8-12 hours a day on my seat cover, and soreness is minimal compared to my original stock seat.

Air-Flow Seat Covers boasts sales to more than 10,000 riders and has more than 500 positive reviews, a 30-day money-back guarantee, support, and videos on its website showing how to correctly install the product. Once ordered, I received my product within two weeks as the company has multiple distribution centers for faster order processing.

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