5.11 Tactical Rush100


Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Fall 2021 Issue.

One of the biggest dilemmas in travel is how to carry the things you need to the places you’re going. Enter 5.11 Tactical’s Rush100. This 60-liter pack is the brand’s latest addition to their Rush Series of all-purpose preparedness items. It has a distinctly larger silhouette than that of the other backpacks in this series and is stout and durable, living up to the standards for everyday missions that the brand upholds.

My application for the Rush100 came in the form of a five-day unsupported trip from North Texas to Central Colorado. I was able to load the pack with five days of clothing and personal hygiene items, throw it in the truck, and roll.


The pockets are massive, and a few pairs of jeans, along with several days of shirts and boxers, stowed in the main compartment with ease. What I found most helpful is the accessibility to the main section. I could lay the pack flat, open the zipper wide (more than expected), and fold the Rush100 over to access the deepest parts of the bag. It is incredibly convenient to open the pack and sort through belongings without moving or disturbing the items you don’t want.

The rearmost compartment has room for a water bladder and an opening for the associated hose. Nothing groundbreaking here, but one does not have to wish they had it. I prefer to separate clean clothes from dirty, and hygiene products from personal defense and miscellaneous accessories in distinct areas. Even with a water bladder installed, there is no shortage of room.


The canvas is heavy-duty, almost to a fault. If I had to find something to knock, it would be weight. The side bolsters come pretty stiff out of the box, which makes stowing the bag in the back seat a little cumbersome. Some break-in period is to be expected, likely attributed to the stout canvas and supporting materials. I do wish there was a small netted pocket on the exterior for quick access to a water bottle since I don’t plan to carry 3 liters of water every time I use the Rush100.

Due to its size, I envision its use in the wild for a rucking expedition or hike-in hunt excursion over several days. The company has built a reputation for durable goods that withstand everything you put them through, and the Rush100 lives up to the name.

$250 | 511tactical.com

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