Wolfpack Alpha - 2014 JK Build Thread


I had a friend who had his winch catch fire while sitting unused in his driveway. Was a Warn too. Could have been caused by a similar situation as you just experienced. I might actually take this as a sign and isolate my winch from the battery, was contemplating doing this anyway..


So decided to dig into the power steering pump project today. I have to admit that I have been dreading this project but knew that I had to get it done.

Out with the old, in with the new:


It is actually easier to take mounting plate off with it than trying to get to the mounting screws while it was on. So I took the whole thing off and switched it on the bench:


All done. This project is a bear. It should be really straight forward, 3 bolts, 2 hoses, and one serpentine belt. The problem is the location. You need to take the airbox out, and its easier if you take the passenger inner fender liner out as well. And then it is still hard to get to from the top of the engine or underneath. No good answer. I am sore as heck but its all done. Drives like a dream, steers with one finger! 👌



Well after examination of my old winch Comeup was nice enough to send a replacement.


Mine was toast. Electronics were all fried and the motor would only turn one way. Rather than rebuild it, they offered to give me one that they had on hand for fitment purposes, while replacing all the electronics in my current controller box. Rod from Comeup is pretty confident that it was a short in the wireless controller unit.

After a couple of hours of work, it is all in and ready to go. Will share pictures tomorrow. I am glad, as it felt naked without it, especially with all the snow that we have.

I wanted to reiterate that Rod and the guys from Comeup USA have been absolutely fantastic.
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