Why are other full size SUV's not used in overlanding/offroading as often as Forerunner/Landcruiser?


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U know everything don’t you?

I have never made any such claim.

But you have amply demonstrated that you know less.

The only American car I know of 7 speed is C7 Vette.
What did you buy?
Again, that just shows how little you know.

I didn't say that I purchased a car.
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I am sorry I can’t decode your top secret posts,
There is nothing wrong to know less,
As far as sports cars go, the only American sports car with 7 speed manual is C7 corvette.
It also has 20 inch Michelin tires, aluminum and composite body,

By the way in beautiful USA car is also considered a vehicle just so you know.



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The elephant in the room was mentioned a few pages back... How many times have you spent all day bushwhacking to a trailhead or secret oasis only to find a 90s Civic parked by trail's end?

Many of us have been at this decades and when you pass a vehicle way off the interstate it's either a local or a self evident actual traveler. What kind of equipment do we see there and how does it differ from what's popular on instagram and YouTube and at the park & shows?

The vehicle demographic in my experience pretty much resembles any grocery store parking lot's cast of characters absent any sports coupes or luxury sedans under 10 years old.

Can't say I've ever seen a leftover war tractor out where the road ends, or half the other class 6+ rigs on display at the expo fair things.


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My "offroad vehicle" has 53" tall tires, a 58:1 crawl ratio, a GVWR of 62,200 pounds, a 30,000 pound payload capacity, 1,550 pounds of torque, five lockers, and can ford 60" of water, stock.
Buuuut can it go through the Arbys drive through?


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You and your ****************.
Well, when you're wrong, you sure go big- my daily driver is a Porsche convertible that I custom-ordered new. I own a hand-built Italian exotic that I purchased new. My wife drives a BMW Track Pack car that we custom-ordered new and then flew to Munich Germany to take delivery at the factory. I've actually driven the Nurburgring Nordschleife at triple-digit speeds. Heck, I've even ridden the Isle of Man TT course at triple-digit speeds on a big-bore Ducati.

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Man I wish I had MTVR money.
This forum always makes me feel poor.
Just a retired lowly public servant.

But my wife and I have tried to have a lot of fun.

I've taken her to dinner in the Eiffel Tower while staying in Paris.


We've ridden a red Italian Vespa scooter around Rome.


We've done Oktoberfest (in costume) in Munich Germany.


I've taken her on a horse-drawn carriage ride to have wine and desserts in the world's most famous castle.


We've driven the San Bernardino Pass over the Swiss Alps.

We've toured Ferrari, Lamborghini, Masersati, Pagani, Ducati, and MV Agusta in northern Italy.


We've toured Porsche and BMW in Germany.


We've repeatedly maxed out her custom-ordered BMW Track Pack car on the German Autobahns against it's 155mph electronic speed limiter.

We've taken a gondola ride in Venice.

We've toured the Mosul Valley wine region.

And I sent my wife on a 200mph+ $860 cab ride around the Nurburgring in a Porsche 911 GT3RS 4.0 Race Taxi driven by the most famous racing driver there, Sabine Schmitz.


We've also done England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and a couple of weeks on the Isle of Man for the TT races, the most deadly motorsports event on the face of the earth...
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Man I wish I had MTVR money.
This forum always makes me feel poor.
Forum money is funny money there is always a HS kid posing with his parents toys or Adults posing with their bank owned rentals lol. The people I come across and know who have money rarely ever give a rats behind about any of this most prefer used vehicles because they hate loosing value ie money on stuff. They all avoid paying money to borrow money they hate that too. Pretty much all of them go out of their way not to show that they are wealthy. Heck a friend works for a non profit that exists because wealthy people don’t want anyone to know who donated all the $$$$$ being distributed to various programs and grants by said non profit.
I find that people who aren’t wealthy are the look at me types. I could see an Opus 15 working really well for my family but honestly I feel it would draw far too much attention the kind I don’t want. I would likely be far happier dragging around a ugly looking Jayco Baja 19bh and not getting more than a second look. Lol 😆
I wouldn’t consider my self wealthy but I’m no longer beholden to banks and can pretty much do anything I want which is far more wealth than like 98% of the population.
One thing is for sure if you had to pay cash for a toy but can’t then the toy is too much $$$$. Find a cheaper toy or find more cash👍


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One thing is for sure if you had to pay cash for a toy but can’t then the toy is too much $$$$. Find a cheaper toy or find more cash👍
While I agree 100%.... There is an exception: if you can borrow the money at a lower interest rate than the return is on an investment (assuming the money was invested and not rotting in a savings account) it's better to let the bank take the hit.

Case in point, I could have wrote a check for my truck....buuuuut Ford was kind enough to let me borrow the money at 1.9%. With the exception of my savings account, every dollar I have in the bank/invested is getting a higher rate of return. I actually made money by not paying cash. ;-)

But, if you have no choice but to finance a toy, then you definitely can't afford it.