What do you use for a truck gun?


Y'all, I am a lover of guns all the way.

However, I have a lot different view on rioting. Unless you can provide true shock and awe with your weapon, IE belt fed-full auto or explosives, engaging rioters is a no win situation. The only safe approach is avoidance. Take the extra time to drive the long way around town. During the Richmond riots we stayed no less than 15 miles away from the city. I don't care how long it takes, it's not worth my life or anyone else's.

But while we're talking truck guns, a Savage model 24 is my idea of perfection.


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I have a Lock'er down gun safe in my center console. Like a console vault but a different brand.

There isn't much selection in firearms at gun shops right now but a Ruger Scout seems like a good truck gun if you can find one.

It's hard to make generalizations about gun defense but I definitely take it more seriously since we started seeing so much civil unrest.

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