USA-CAN-USA, July 2017 (16 US states and 4 Canadian provinces)

Woke up today and was on the road for my 2 hours 30 minutes drive to Winnipeg. The drive was so calm with very few cars on the freeway.
On the way, I saw a ton of these Yellow Canola Flowers. I had to stop to admire and take a pic.

Next stop, Canadian Border. With no traffic in any of the lines. I just drove up. I handed over passports. Then here comes the questions...

"Where are you guys from?"
Ans: Texas

"Purpose of your visit to Canada?"
Ans: Tourism.

"What do you mean?"
Ans: I am just on a road trip around the US and Canada.

"What do you guys do for a living?"
Ans: (I told him)

"Do you guys have any weapons or anything for self defense like, guns, knives, bear spray, maze, tasers?"
Ans: No.

"Have a safe trip", as he handed us our passports and we drove into Canada

Next stop was The Forks Market. Here we walked around and had a simple meal of fish and fries which turned out to be the best I have ever had. No kidding. The fish was so flaky and the fries were real potatoes. I mean. It was finger licking good.

Next stop, dessert. Got some icecream from here and it was on point!

After that, it was time to walk around and look at some other attractions...
Canadian Pacific

The Human Rights Museum

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It was great to meet you guys!
Have a safe trip and keep updating this thread.... we'll be watching your progress! :coffee:

It was great to meet you guys!
Have a safe trip and keep updating this thread.... we'll be watching your progress! :coffee:

Man, I cannot express my gratitude for you taking the time to receive us, let us meet your loving family, give us a tour of your house, man cave and take the time to cook for us and basically stuff us with all that awesome food. Unlimited wings with multiple flavors!!! A batch of Buffalo hot wings, Lemon pepper wings, thai sweet wings and bbq wings. All flavors were awesome. My best the buffalo hot wings. Someday you should open your own wings business, you are good at it.

It was an experience I will remember for a long time to come.
This evening was one of the greatest days I have ever had on a road trip. I got to visit forum member @Wintepeg and family. We have never met before and he had invited us to come over if I ever did my road trip. So, we kept in touch until today when we met. What a great guy with a loving family.

He invited us to his house at 5:00pm since he wanted to meet us, say hello and basically cook for us while we were in town. We took the invitation and honored it.

We showed up at 5:00pm and got a warm welcome. After the warm welcome, him and family gave us the gift they had bought for us and we had something for them. With the gift exchange done, he took us around for a tour of his home. What a nice gesture.

Next, we all went to the backyard brought out the food and he fired up his Traeger grill and got the wings going as we sat there talking and drinking ice tea, water and soda. He had a lot of wings ready for us and he made the wings in batches cooking 4 different flavors; Buffalo hot wings, Lemon pepper wings, thai sweet wings and bbq wings. I swear, I have never eaten so many wings in one sitting. It was just too good. And our host just kept on bringing the wings. While his wife got us some pasta salad with fresh veggies and ranch dip.

We had a good time eating, getting to know each other and watching the sun go down. Great people. When it was all done, and it was time for us to leave, he gave me the jerry cans he had bought for me and bid us farewell. The family walked us to our car and we stood and talked for one last time before hand shakes became hugs as we bid each other farewell. It was a truly great experience.

First time we ever met each other and it was truly a great experience.
First batch of wings going on the grill

Traeger grill doing its thing. I may have to buy a Traeger grill someday if I can afford one. All I can tell you is his skills with this grills's performance made these wings pop! I think any of you who own a Traeger grill may be able to say how good these grills are.

Pasta salad with fresh veggies and ranch dressing

Ok, we ate so many wings I just had to take a picture of all the leftover bones. And this was from eating a lot of wings.

When we were about to leave, he gave me the Jerry cans he had bought for me. I thanked him for doing this for me.

We left and on our way to the hotel for the night, stopped at walmart to pick up somethings and I saw these kinder eggs that are illegal in the US and I bought a ton for dessert. Since they are illegal in the US, why not eat some and find out what the fuss is all about while I am in Canada. Well, it is just chocolate and I see the toys inside are so small, I see why it may be a choking hazard. But I don't know why it is illegal in the US when walmart in Canada carries it and it sells like any other candy on the shelf.
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Today has been a truly long day.

Driving from Winnipeg to Calgary using only the Red Coat Trail. What a difference in scenery. 2 lane road with lower speed limit than the main highway 1.

This journey took us today 16 hours driving. This includes stopping for gas and food. Well, the QX basically wanted to stop at every single gas station. After about 10 hours on the Red Coat trail of seeing just nature, yellow canola flowers, tons of silos and tons of oil drills, I decided to head to Highway 1 where it got faster for me to get to Calgary.

It was a great journey. And I met quite a lot of 18wheelers with some truly very wide loads. I spent about 15 minutes behind one and could not find a safe place to overtake. I decided to start making a video. I will see if I can upload that one minute video.

Here are the pictures from the trip from Winnipeg to Calgary.

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Just a short video of my drive on the Red Coat Trail. Showing some of the 18wheelers that frequent the road and haul very heavy and large machinery. They are very oversized and almost cover 3/4 of the road. This one took me 15 minutes before I could find a way to safely get past it. But when I am all alone with no traffic on some stretches, it is completely quiet, peaceful, as I drive past all the yellow canola flowers on each side of the road. What a great drive.

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Hello Emile.

Just wanted you to know that Hwy 97 through central BC is currently closed due to forest fires. Hopefully it will be open again by the time you get to BC.


I attended the Calgary Stampede yesterday and had a great experience.

First, I had learned the traffic was going to be insane, so I had to figure out a way to get there without being stuck in traffic. After a lot of research online, I figured taking the train would be the best option. We had to buy 2 tickets each and get on 2 trains to get to the Stampede and also buy 2 tickets each to get on 2 trains to get back. And then we were trying to get there before 1:30pm to get in free. Since it is free up till 1:30pm on the first day of the Stampede.

This was going to be a confusing experience, since it has been a while I used the train to get anywhere. Well, we had to do this. We drove 10 minutes to the train station and packed my car. First mistake; I left my car OPEN. Forgot the keys in the cup holder by the gear lever. Hurried out of the car without even paying attention. so we could hurry to go catch the first train. While my car was left behind completely unlocked with almost half of all my road trip luggage in it and the key in plain sight. And I was gone from my car for over 3 hours before I returned.

We get to the train station and were having a hard time figuring out what ticket to buy and holding the line. Then all of a sudden the train arrives and as we are trying to get it right to purchase our tickets, I get a tap on shoulder and someone who just got off the train offers me a FREE ticket to ride the train. I thanked the guy while trying to see if this was fake or not. Another lady just came up to us and asked if we needed another ticket and she said we can have hers. Wow. Ok, we said thank you and got on the bus looking like newbies on the train. Then this lady saw us and asked if we needed help. I said yes. We are trying to get to the Stampede and hoping we make it there by 1:30pm so we can get in free. She says we are in luck as she is heading to the Stampede also. So, she said if we stick with her, she will take us to the Stampede. She asked if we had valid tickets, lol. I wondered why would she would ask that??? But I said yes and showed her. She said that is good.

So we rode the train and got to a stop. Hopped off. Then crossed the street and took the second train. Got to the Stampede without incident. Along the way, this lady who was helping us was basically giving us a tour of the city as we passed buildings and showed us where she works and also showed us the largest homeless center in the world, which is here in Calgary. It was quite entertaining.

As all this was going on, we were watching our watch to see if we will make it in time. Well, too bad. We got there at 1:40pm, but to our surprise, they were still letting people go in for free, so we got into the Stampede for free after a free ride.

We walked around, enjoyed the show, ate a lot of things I do not eat often and just had a good time. Then it was time to go home.

We went to the buy our tickets. Along the way, we were joking that wouldn't it be crazy if we got tickets again? Well, we got to the train station and I said should we wait to see if we get free tickets again? Just then this couple just asked us if we needed tickets and they handed us 2 tickets. That still good for like an hour. Well, we looked at each other, thanked them a lot and just jumped on the train.

When we got to our destination, we could not believe our luck. Then just then I reached in my pockets to get my car keys before we walked the 5 minutes walk to the car. Wow, no car keys. I asked if I gave her the kesy. She said no. My whole day immediately got ruined. I did not travel with my spare key on this trip. I do not know if AAA can help me. I do not know what the dealership can do for me. Ok, this was just stressful as we spent the next 10 minutes wondering if we should go back to the Stampede and talk to lost and found or do what. I gave up and just told her that let us just go to the car and see if we have any luck of it being open and if open, hopefully it has not been stolen nor things stolen from it.

We walked the 5 minutes in total silence and great disappointment. First, I was happy to see the car from afar. Next, I started praying and hoping my car keys would be in my car. When I got to my car, reached out my hand and pulled on the door and the door opened. I silently reached over and looked for my car keys and found it. Took a big sigh of relieve, cranked the car for some ac and took a walk around the car and a checkup to make sure nothing has been stolen from the car. Everything checked out good. The day turned great again and I thanked my guardian angels as we drove off the parking lot.

What a Stampede!!!

A few random pictures from the Stampede;

And I took a picture of the train route to see where we were going to know how to get back to the parking lot since we would not have such a helpful lady again. (Sorry this is upside down. I just cannot seem to flip it over)

Random picture

An action picture from a mini chuck wagon race

Random picture at one of the train stops

Picture of the largest homeless shelter in the world: Calgary, AB
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Today was visiting Calgary Heritage Park Historical Village and the Calgary Zoo.

First off a heart healthy breakfast at OEB Breakfast Co. Supposedly the best breakfast place in Calgary. Well, that is what the internet told me based on reviews. And it did not disappoint. My only complain was upgrading my bacon to Canadian bacon, but what I got as Canadian bacon is not what I am used to in the US These round things did not taste nor look like the regular bacon I was supposed to get on my plate nor does it look like the regular Canadian bacon I know off in the US. But oh well, everything else was good, as I expected it to be.

This is my plate. Those 3 round Canadian bacons do not look like the Canadian bacon I have ever had at a restaurant in the US. These did not taste too yummy to me like regular bacon

This other plate was really good
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Calgary Zoo random pictures...

The penguins were just cool and basically admiring the crowd and I was just wondering what they were saying to each other about the people watching them.

This hippo did entertain the crowd as it was always swimming next to people and opened its mouth one time during which I missed the short during the scrabble when all of a sudden there was this massive rush from the crowd by everybody trying to get THAT SHOT!

Picture showing the Giraffes with the water enclosure for the hippos. People just loved watching the hippos and one particular hippo was truly putting a show and entertaining the crowd.

These bears did entertain a lot as it seems the black bear was always bullying the white bear and they would run around and get into it with each other in what seemed more like playing than fighting. But was very entertaining to the kids around and adults too trying to explain the behavior to their kids.

This little snake brought quite some excitement also along one of the foot paths. A group of us; adults, seniors with canes, guys, mom's pushing baby strollers and kids running were on this trail. All of a sudden this came out of the bushes from one end and trying to get to the other end. There suddenly was a commotion as kids started screaming, a mom with a stroller who is SUPER scared of snakes jumped and the few guys there suddenly went into protection mode and were quick to decide if they should kill the snake or not, not knowing if it was poisonous or a snake which had escaped from an enclosure. But it was quickly agreed upon not to kill the snake and people had run away as the snake quickly made its way across the trail into the bushes on the other side, not knowing he was close to being killed that afternoon.
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Today we left Calgary for Canmore, where we will be staying while visiting Banff and surroundings. If you are visiting Banff National Park, this is a recommend place to stop for advice and brochure. These girls working here know their stuff. I mean, they are so happy doing what they do and very informative. I mean, I already knew what I had planned to do but talking with them helped a lot. Plus, they have all the maps that if we could get before getting to Banff would make anybody's visit pretty easier. But please, if you are going here for vacation, go here. Exit 86 off highway 1. It is called Canmore Visitor Center. They are very helpful here.

We then drove on to Banff where we enjoyed touring the town, walking down main street in Banff and going to some places to take pictures around

Bow Falls was gorgeous. The water was very cold.
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Accident in Banff. Large adult Moose vs Subaru Outback. Moose is shot dead after accident by the park rangers.

As we were leaving the park this afternoon to head to our hotel, I had my gopro running and getting footage when I suddenly came upon this accident that just happened like 1 minute before. (I will check my gopro footage later on to see what I did capture)

But as soon as we saw this Subaru outback stopped in the middle of the road, we pulled over since it looked like an accident scene and occupants of Subaru looked hurt. Another vehicle also pulled over at the same time. We ran over to the car with the other couple who just pulled up also. Got there and the driver was still stunned and was bleeding from the shattered glass that got on his face and his legs had tons of cuts. His wife was speechless, but no cuts or blood from her.

The driver and wife exited their vehicle. I hurried back to my car and got my first aid kit, water, gloves and a large new roll of paper towel. The other couple was on the phone calling 911. I put on my gloves as we helped the wounded driver clean up his wounds while pouring ice cold water on the wound, since I was using 2 of my bottles water from my cooler and they were ice cold.

Driver told us that he was just driving when suddenly Moose came out from the left side of the road, crossed the street right into them in what seemed like a train wreck. Deployed all airbags on the driver side including the steering wheel airbag and all side curtain airbags. Moose fell, but regained self and barely made it past the road. Got into the bush and stood there unable to walk. After a few minutes, it walked into the shade and just sat down in too much pain.

Couple in the car are an older couple probably in their late 50s or early 60s. Guy says he feels like pieces of glass are in his leg around his knee area from all the shattered window glass and some of the windshield. They are both from Oregon. We are from Texas. Then the other couple who stopped to help them are from another state here in the US, just forgotten the name. The couple involved in the accident could not help but mention that the only 4 people who have come to his help are all from America. No Canadian pulled over to help. I mean, all other cars slowed down, looked, some took pictures and a few asked if we had it under control. But nobody just stopped to join in.

By now, it was about 5 minutes since we pulled up and the paramedics and fire truck were on scene. They said they would take it from here, so we had to leave. But before we left, they discussed that since the Moose was badly hurt, they are calling the park rangers who will come and kill the Moose. And that is exactly what happened. Park rangers came and figured it was hurt too badly. So, they shot it dead. Taking it out of its misery.

Moose is about the middle of the picture. Hard to see him. But on the right of the 2 trees in the middle of this picture that I took. Moose was laying down in a lot of pain.

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