UJOR Build Thread


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New FB group for owners, started clean and making sure everyone actually owns a van built by us or at least with our parts.

Had a few hours to myself yesterday so it was time to get the RS out for some throttle therapy! Ran one of my favorite curvy roads near where I grew up, got hunted down by a 350Z that was nicely equipped and really fast!



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As our crew grows I had to come up with something fun for a holiday party, especially since we skipped last year. None of us golf so I thought that would be fun, everyone had a blast! I'm beyond thankful for the entire UJOR crew and family, thanks for another record year!



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We've been working on a 2nd location for a few months, finally ready to crank out some product! In a perfect world we'd have a mega shop for everyone and that is in the works but we needed to up our production #s asap. This new satellite shop is around the corner from our existing shop and we were able to get it ready in 2 months. Starting in Jan we'll be able to crank out another 5-8 bumpers a week!


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