UCO Flatpack grill/firepit

Robert Bills

I decided to google some replacement bags. One idea that may be workable is a laptop bag for a 15.6" laptop. I found one that is about the correct size that is only $16.49 including shipping. I'm sure there are other options that I haven't found yet.

That may be a better use of my time and money than schlepping around town claiming that going to the fabric/upholstery store is an essential errand during this pandemic then returning home to do a crappy sewing job on a DIY flatpack grill bag.
Received mine from Amazon today and I have to admit, other than being small (get what you pay for) it is excellent. My bag fits perfectly as well so maybe they have been listening to you guys. My bag is green canvas with velcro closure and it fits perfectly in the bag with what is supplied. A pocket on the outside would be nice for my grilling tools but since it doesn't come with utensils, I'd have to say it meets the mark all around.


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I picked one of these up. Surprised it is better made then I was expecting. I was able to actually fill up a pressure cooker with 4 quarts and heat and cook something with two bunches of kindling. This is not remotely what it is designed for but it put up with the weight quite well. Could easily use it to heat up enough water for a shower. Grilled up a hamburger too and it totally tasted like a BK whopper which amused me.
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