Toyopet Stout RK45 1962 Build


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Donor car chosen!

I was contemplating for a while what will be a good, modern chassis for the overland project like that. The first choice was 2005-2015 gen Toyota Tacoma, since the wheelbase is identical. But at the moment there is no way I can afford it.

So after re-visiting the options and looking back at my love for off-roading let me introduce you the car we will use for the project chassis (frame/suspension/drivetrain). 1996 FZJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser. 144K on the clock. No lockers. Runs amazing. Been in light body accident, which doesn't matter, since the body will be discarded.

The wheelbase is actually 2" longer, which will be made up by using a rust-free cab from the body-panel-donor RK41

Here's the side comparision with RK45:

I have prevoius experience in fixing and maintaining FZJ80, since we have one in our family. It's a reliable tough-build off-road performer, being super comfortable ride on the pavement as well.

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Quick update on the project. Parts rust-free truck came in from Texas. Guy lowered the price substantially after I explained why I need the truck. Came with good windshield (impossible to find, guys buy these trucks just for windshield sometimes), supposedly running 3R. new carb etc.
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Also got NOS fender mirrors and tail light lenses
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Where did you find the mirrors?


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im pumped you decided to use the 80 series and keep the straight 6. i can't wait to see what you come up with for converting the steering over for RHD. I'm sure there is plenty of parts from Australia yo can easily get your hands on


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SUBSCRIBED!!!! Can't WAIT to see what you build out of the Stout aye. I lvoe these trucks but they're so rare and many seem to not even know they exist.




Good luck with the project. I'll be watching this build, as I have a '65 Stout that I want to take the wrenches too soon.