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@Victorian Are you taking votes? Because I vote you ignore the haters. From what I see you have far more fans than detractors. I recently joined this site and right away I could see you put out quality information. So much so that I was reading nearly all the threads you posted in to absorb the knowledge.


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Man... that sucks Victorian. I am sorry to hear that the haters and the trolls are making this place somewhere that you cannot be yourself. I know you are a helpful and giving person, and one of the nicer people I have met in the past few years. If there is one thing that I have found out in the past few years, It's that the trolls yell louder, get angrier and are harder to ignore than you might think.

Sometimes the fight is just not worth the effort and it is simpler and less stressful to just walk away. Will catch up with you in the real world soon sir!


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Man this is such a bummer. The internet sucks. Victorian, you're a true pioneer and I'll be using your services for sure. Not sure who took issue with you CREATING a market in NA from whole cloth and gave the everyday man an option on par with the big boys, but SHAME ON THEM. You should send those messages directly to the Mods and have them banned. This isn't Twitter, or some poorly thought out FB group, this is Expo forum, the best place for sharing these ideas on the planet.
Hello everyone,

With great sadness, I have noticed a lot of hostile comments/ private messages towards me and our company in this forum over the last several months. The people that know me, appreciate my insights with topics that fall into my expertise . With over 30 years of experience in the expedition truck industry there is a thing or two I learned and I'm happy to share this when someone asks.
I always tried to be polite and helpful. 99% of the time I'm on this forum as a private person. Too bad my profile shows "approved Vendor".... Some people saw this as "product placement" and got angry at me without realizing that I actually added value to the conversation and potentially saved them from failure and wasting tons of money.
This means I stop my contribution to this great forum and will be watching from the side lines.

Cheers everyone and thank you for 8 years of entertainment.
What a loss for this community! I’m sorry Andreas that you feel this is the way forward as we will all lose your valuable impact.

We don’t all have to agree and not surprisingly, you provided answers and guidance in line with the products and approaches that you use in your business, informed by your experience.

Imagine how ridiculous it would be if the advice or input you provided was not consistent with the products you are developing or marketing!

I hope you will once again feel comfortable being an active participant - you should not let the poor behaviour of a minority of participants here ruin your experience and participation in this community.

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What a shame, this is one of the few threads that I watch, and thought you had approached the issues with complete transparency.


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Thank you for everyones kind words. It means a lot.
I'm still here reading along following my passion but probably won't be posting/replying as much.