Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...


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Carbon fiber is swell but 300K for anything based on a Taco is cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Having a double cab gobble up all that payload makes no sense either, especially with a rear pass through. For a bazillion dollars it should be chopped to a reg cab.
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To those of you saying that it should have been built on a Tundra... The Crew cab Tundra doesn't have much more payload capacity than a Tacoma.
In stock form you are correct. This one is obviously heavily modified to handle the weight. I just don't know why they would put such a giant camper on a small truck. Suspension upgrades on anything with this on it's back are a given but they could start with a full size truck and more robust drivetrain/powerplant at the very least. People are putting crap like this on the back of Jeeps and Gladiators as well and completely ruining their natural ability, making them just a Jeep/Tacoma/whatever in name. No possibility that these could go the places you imagine they would when you see the sexy pics of a Jeep or Tacoma with a Hindenburg on its' back.

Of course, I don't know how any full sized human and drive a Tacoma anyway but that's just me.


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I think this is really cool. Like a 1/4 Earth Roamer. I am obvs not their target market, but I do like to see cool stuff and I think I might drive off the road when I pass one in real life! Almost the same as I do with the Sunraders haha

I am interested in the overall weight potential issue. As far as the potential power issue, I figure it has to be faster than the original Sunrader so that is a bonus!


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(y)The best evidence is that the camper appears to be unpainted! I'd be way more impressed with details on the construction of the unfinished camper, than renderings and a list of vague specs. Does it look like it's molded to you? If they have the molds done, then that would be something.
Maybe it's the plug that they will make the molds from?

There's a lot of hype about them building on the TRD Pro, but the model they are showing won't fit on one unless you stretch the frame.

They've done a heckuva job getting some attention - their marketing guy/gal is on the ball!
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I stumbled on this thread after reading the story on this site. My truck (flat bed four wheel camper on a Ram 3500 is only a 500 pounds below GVWR when fully loaded. My thought when I saw the photo was no way was this thing not grossly overweight. Curiously awaiting more details if they ever emerge.


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I'm very surprised the owners/ sales rep/ engineer has not responded yet. Anywhere.


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I'm very surprised the owners/ sales rep/ engineer has not responded yet. Anywhere.
I am kind of glad they haven't yet. I am enjoying all the experts on here tearing it apart when they haven't seen it in person. Everyone is an expert on the internet.


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If there was a way to increase GVWR we would all be doing it. :)

Most of the imagery on their website is renderings, but I believe this is a real photo. I know how difficult it is to bring a product to market and wish them the best. I get that a lot of their claims are aspirational at this point, that's how it goes.

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Truck, people, dog look real, camper looks photoshopped, but I could be wrong. Would make sense as they don't have real pictures of exterior or interior of the camper yet. Wish them the best of luck though.


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Since I'm not creating an IG account... any interesting info?

Got a name anyway... Matt Linder.
ah, I thought you might be able to see these posts without an insta account. Here is a brief summary from what I have read on their account. Pls note, I am def not affiliated, so these are just screen shots from their insta page for people on here without an account.

Their website appears to have lots of info and basically their insta replies are just repeating the same info.

The main thing people are complaining about on their posts is it being over GVWR, lack of power, no way the drum brakes could handle it etc etc etc. So most of their replys are addressing that type of stuff.

here is what I gathered from their posts:
Beefed up the frame, boxed and gusseted
Currie Enterprise F9 custom rear axle
Custom rear leaf pack and a 12" travel front end
Re-gear and optional added supercharger for increased power
upgrades disc brakes all around
no weight yet, but the carbon camper is 'incredibly light'




People were also complaining about it not being real and only having CGI pictures, but they responded that they do have an actual camper built


anyway, hopefully this was a good read for anyone



I am enjoying all the experts on here tearing it apart when they haven't seen it in person.
:ROFLMAO: What are we going to "see in person"... artist renderings?

Ok, there is one picture that looks like they might have built something. But for some reason they don't want us to see what they've actually built. Or tell us their name(s) or level of expertise, or where the facility (if any) is located, etc. Here is a nice artist's rendering... send $50k to reserve yours!