The SilverFox FWC on '12 Ecoboost F150


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Hey guys, I want to share my setup and how I have built it. I will start with the current state.

The Truck is a 2012 F150 Ecoboost 4x4 Lariat.
Bilstein 5100s leveled up front. Stock rear suspension with bags
Method Wheels 35/12.50/17 BFG KO2 Tires

KC Pro 6 lightbar
Amazon Special LED offroad lights on bull bar
Wilco Offset Hitchgate with add ons (For Sale)

Custom Vinyl graphics I designed.

The Camper is a 2018 Four Wheel Camper Hawk Shell.

I owned two used FWC's before I ordered this one new. I decided I wanted a shell to build how I wanted. With two kids I was not happy with the fold over couch, it took up way too much room. I will show how I setup the inside below.

We live in Oklahoma but take 2-3 trips to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico area each year. We needed a comfortable setup to travel with two adults, two kids and a dog. And I have been very happy with the F150.

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So here’s the day I got the truck and the next day picking up the camper at Juniper Overland/ Rocky Mountain Four Wheel Camper.

I committed to buy the truck sight unseen I found it in Denver and it was 6.5 bed, lariat, 4x4, one owner. Exactly what I wanted.

So bought a one way ticket. Flew in and seller met me at airport. Checked out the truck, paid them and was on my way to rest up for big day the next day.

Fortunately my wife’s aunt and uncle live in Boulder. So I stayed at their place for the night.

I could hardly sleep. I couldn’t wait for the next morning!!

I showed up to Juniper and laid my eyes on my brand new Hawk Shell. First thing I’ve ever ordered new from a factory. 😍😍😍



I'd love to see more pictures. How's camping in it with a family? I would love to get one of these but am unsure about the space. I'd have to have AC too, camping in Nebraska most of the time.

I have a '13 EcoBoost with 6.5' bed as well.


Four_Wheel_Overland on Instagram
I'd love to see more pictures. How's camping in it with a family? I would love to get one of these but am unsure about the space. I'd have to have AC too, camping in Nebraska most of the time.

I have a '13 EcoBoost with 6.5' bed as well.

It’s perfect with the family. Since I’ve set it up with kids bed up front.

We are in Oklahoma so AC is a must. That’s why I ordered the small driver side window. It raises up as emergency exit and fits an AC. For the Oklahoma state park camping. Which we rarely have done.


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Heres when the camper met the truck. Fortunately I met an Internet buddy, Dave Jansen whom was picking up a camper of his own for his shop Adventure Up Overland. And our trucks were Twinsies.

I gotta say, leaving the shop with the camper had the same feeling as both times my wife and I left the hospital with our boys. It was my responsibility and I was worried It would fly out of the truck.

But now it was time to camp one night and drive back home the next day...



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I headed down south of Denver by Castle Rock and hit the closest public land to camp for the first time. Found a good spot and took some time to familiarize myself with my new truck and camper.

It was all new. A truck I bought sight unseen the day before. And a camper I was more than excited about than anything I’d ever bought.

I stopped at WalMart before camping to get a heater, some bedding and food. As I flew in with nothing. And it was going to be cold that night.

I learned one important lesson, a 1lb propane bottle in the Buddy heater would only last 5hrs.

Sooo I woke up about 3AM FREEZING. And decided to pack up and head home...



Look forward to following along.

We have a hawk shell with the grand by sized front dinette / bed setup so we can sleep our family of 5. Very happy with it. We did get the heater and thermal pack.