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I bought the G wagon after wheeling with Jeep guys.

The guy I wheeled with did a great job - and he had to put a transfer case, two factory axles, and three aftermarket axles in his JK.

I have wheeled the same trails, and all that broke was my face when it cracked into a smile.


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Hey there folks!

Been a while since our last update. Hope everyone is off to a Happy New Year!
We enjoyed another great year with the Jack Wagon getting to go out to Moab and travel around the southern states.

Since our last post, we are proud to announce that Jack Wagon Overlanding has a few new partners!
We are now a full supplier of ORC, Hutchinson, Fox, Koni, ARB/OME, 463 Industries, Front Runner Outfitters, Gobi Racks, H&R, 911 Motorsports, and a few smaller one off venders.
You can check out our website: to view some of our latest products. We have lift kits, roof racks, underbody protection/skid plates, rock sliders/side steps, bumpers, wheels, and more!
As our catalog continues to grow, our website does not always include everything we have available. If there's something you're looking for and don't see it on our website, email us at and we'll be happy to help you locate exactly what you're looking for. To see more of what we do, you can check out our instagram: @JACWAGN

We have been running the Koni Raid Shocks and ORC/Bilstein Blue Springs with the H&R 30mm wheel spacers for some time now and have been extremely satisfied with the setup.

The Koni Raids are extremely beefy and sturdy. They provide a slightly stiffer ride from the stock G550 suspension which is beneficial on road because you don't feel like you're swaying around turns and has not had any negative effects off road as far as being "too stiff".

*For those of you not familiar with the AMG vs non-AMG stock suspensions, the non-AMG (500/550) is known to be looser while the AMG (55/63/65) is known to have a stiffer suspension to accommodate the bigger engine and give it a more "sporty" stance and feel. The ORC/Koni setup sits right in the middle of the non-AMG and AMG stock suspension on the stiffness scale.*

The ORC springs have settled very well also. They have added right at 2 inches of lift with the truck unloaded and we've experienced minimum sagging with the truck carrying over 2000 lbs in the trunk and also while hauling a flat bed trailer.

Because we added two inches to an already top heavy vehicle, we decided to add on the H&R wheel spacers to widen the stance and give an additional bit of stability both on and off road. Before the spacers, the truck drove good at high speeds but this gives some security when making tight corners or facing uneven surfaces. The look is also very nice and the tires sit just outside the non-AMG fender flares.

Before installing the lift, the BFG KM3s (275/70/18) did show some rubbing on the fender liner. We only had slight rubbing at full articulation with the previous BFG KO2s in the same size. Now with the 2" lift, we have no rubbing at all and haven't had any issues post install.

Here's some pictures from our latest adventure out to the mountains of Arkansas showing off the lift and new stance!

Arkansas foggy front.JPG

Arkansas forest.JPG

Arkansas side splash.JPG

Arkansas lake wheel spacer stance2.jpg


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Great thread thanks for all the great info. I hope someday I too can have a G wagon to thrash off road. For now my extremely boring land cruiser 100 will have to keep me entertained.

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Hey all,
A quick update. We have changed our email and Instagram to be more in line with our name. You will now be able to find us on Instagram at @JackWagonOverlanding and email us at Any messages sent to our old email will now redirect to our new one so no messages will be lost. The short hand we used before was not clear to everyone and we want communication to be as straight forward as possible.
Thank you!


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I just ordered two of your air vent cup holders, they are pretty expensive but much needed for the wife!


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I just ordered two of your air vent cup holders, they are pretty expensive but much needed for the wife!
I hear ya! Wish there was more we could do on our end to get the price down but 463 Industries makes a quality part! Definitely serve their purpose in the G. Thank you for your order and the opportunity to serve you!


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The ALL NEW Hutchinson Rock Monster 2059 18" Two Piece Beadlock Wheels are in! This is a military grade, cast aluminum, DOT compliant, street legal, double beadlock wheel.
Jack Wagon Overlanding is honored to be the first in the world to both run these wheels and offer them to the public!
They are now available on our website and are ready to get shipped out! Available in a variety of wheel and lug cap colors (pictured below is the Matte Black Wheels w/ Sparkle Silver Caps), check out the link to get yours!
We've been running them for a little over two weeks so far. Because of the Corona Virus, getting out to off road has been difficult but we've driven them around town for a few hundred miles already and are very satisfied with their capability and appearance.
They are a +63 mm offset which is a little more positive than the factory wheels (tucks more into the wheel well) so we recommend adding the 30 mm H&R Wheel Spacers to widen the stance to slightly wider than the factory stance. This combination would give you the equivalent of a +33 mm offset or the 50 mm Spacers for a +13 mm offset equivalent.
Side note: The 911 Reverse Spare Tire Mount is capable of holding these even with the additional weight compared to the factory wheels with no issues.
If you have any prior knowledge of Hutchinson, you are aware that they are a global leader in military beadlock wheels seen on HMMWVs/HUMVEEs, G Wagons, and more. Their name alone speaks to their reputation and this is yet another great product they have unveiled.
In the coming weeks, as COVID restrictions are lifted, we look to post more pictures and provide more insight of them being tested off road but for now, here is a quick shot of them installed onto the Jack Wagon. They've been a real head turner.
We also now offer the 0492 and 1873 16" Hutchinson models which can be found under the wheel section of our site as well.
*Unfortunately, none of the Hutchinson wheels will fit models that have Brembo/AMG larger brakes installed.. You will need to consider a 19"+ wheel. For AMG models and Gs with bigger brakes, we suggest another of our partners - 463 Industries. Their wheels are also listed under our wheel section and are a great option to consider.*
For any questions on these wheels or any other products, you can email us at
Hutchinson 2059 18 inch beadlock wheels G Wagon.jpeg
Pictured here is the Hutchinson 2059 Wheels w/ BFGoodrich KM3s (275/70/18)


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Got to go on a little cruise this week, here's a couple more shots of the Hutchinson 2059 18" Beadlocks. Already made some sales on them and looking to add more G owners to the list!
They ride very smooth and surprisingly, the added weight hasn't had any impact on fuel economy.. Got 11.6 mpg over the last 500 miles. The Jack Wagon ranges from 9-12 mpg usually. Definitely enjoying these cheap gas prices. lol

Hutchinson 18 inch beadlock g wagen all black.JPG
Hutchinson Rock Monster 2059 18" Beadlock Wheels for Mercedes G Wagon

Hutchinson Rock Monster 18 inch beadlock wheel for mercedes benz g wagon rear.JPG
Hutchinson 18 inch Beadlock Wheel G Wagon

See them at and feel free to email us with questions


Jackwagon, great looking truck! I’ve read all your info about the 275/70/18 mud terrains as far as clearance but I never read if you had any esp issues. Is that true or did you have to do something to fix it? I would like to install 275/70/18’s on my 2013 g550


FWIW, I have 285/70/18 M/Ts on my '08 and have only dealt with ESP once coming down a mountain pass in Oregon last summer pulling a trailer. It is definitely obtrusive when it happens but I was also pushing it a tad at the time too. I have no evidence it wouldn't have triggered with stock tires. On other passes I have not had it trigger at all.


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Jackwagon, great looking truck! I’ve read all your info about the 275/70/18 mud terrains as far as clearance but I never read if you had any esp issues. Is that true or did you have to do something to fix it? I would like to install 275/70/18’s on my 2013 g550
Hey there Nomada!
Haven’t had any issues with the ESP with those tires or with the lift. We have heard from some owners/clients we’ve worked with that report some ESP triggering right after install. Normally, this is just due to adapting to the new ride of the truck. After a week or two, it’s seemed to go away in just about every case we’ve heard of. I’m not sure if the ESP adapts to the way we’re driving or if we’re the ones adapting to the new boundaries but haven’t had any problems with ESP long term. Like Yarjammer said - if you’re going to push it hard, they will do their job and pop on but nothing out of the ordinary in any of our experience.

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