TACO Derpreciation?


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My dad has an '05 Tacoma 4 door 4x4. Paid $28,000 for it new . My mom just rolled it. She's OK. Busted in the glass and kinda crushed the top and doors. The insurance company said they would only give him book value of $18,000. They wouldnt total it I guess. Truck WAS in pretty good shape, he didnt wheel or anything. Not sure of the actual extras or actual options it had, nor mileage. This sound right to you? I thought they held their value better....


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They hold their value better than that up here in Canada!

I still see 03's and 04 doublecabs sell for above $30k in Alberta & BC.


What fly by night insurance comapny are they dealing with??? Research resale values on KBB, Black Book, and find some comparabe examples for sale in your area, gieve that info to the adjuster. If they don't come around with a reasonable offer make a call to your states insurance commissioner.


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not sure, in Montana, there are a lot of "Farmer's Insurance Co's". They have had the same co for a long time, so I'm not sure the exact details...thansk for the inputs....JL


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If they wouldn't total it... then why are they giving him a payout? Is the $18k the cost of repair that he has an option to take?? I don't know what the magic # insurance compaines use, but I know they will repair well beyond half of its value...


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That is ridiculously low!

In 2004 I bought 2wd 4 door tacoma v6 TRD for ~$24K...I drove it for 2 yrs. and about 30K miles...

In early 2006 I sold in on craigslist in 3 days for $19K...

What insurance company are you dealing with?


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Its my dad's truck...not sure the company...as far as I know, the Ins Co is repairing the truck. I thought that would be a total if it were rolled over. I am not sure, there must be more to it than I already know....oh well, I'll be in the Taco market soon, I just gotta quit changing the oil in my 94 GMC, so I'll have an excuse to buy a new truck. "But honey, the engine just blew up..." Thanks again...


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WOW.. I would take it to another appraiser and get a few maore estimates! The numbers should be right with KBB or Edmonds.. walk in to any local body shop and talk with them!