Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS


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I like wearing jeans but in the winter they are the worst thing a person could wear, As such I only wear them around the house, For wint Moleskins are a lot wamer,


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I have I think five pairs of the Fjallraven trousers that were about £200 each thinking they would last. Currently at about four years old and the two most worn pairs have worn through the "megatough" G1000 and been patched. The others are going the same way, knees mostly.
But these are zip off legs and have zip thigh vents which are really good for vehicle travel. Cold outside zipped up, warm in the car open the thigh vents. Warm outside same, hot outside zip the legs either half or fully off and open the thigh vents. Thigh vents are better than shorts when walking on moorland with ticks about!!
Mossie or noseeum net on those vents would be nice sometimes.
Waxing them may help durability but is a pain after every wash. Waterproofness is still fairly rubbish after doing it, maybe they work better in that respect in a dryer Scandanavian winter?
But not anything like as durable as I hoped at that price. Carhartts next I think.

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I wear the Eddie lined and un lined alot, go to pants for ouside and summer too !!!
Great sales too
and they hold up well
We have an Eddie Bauer here locally and I have been investing in their gear. Eddie makes some okay stuff for the price if you get it on sale. From black Friday till New Years day everything is half off, I think most holidays and end of he season will see 30 off, I would never pay retail for any EB. The pants don't fit me well, and durability is just okay.


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I like these. But they aren’t warm and are not as durable as jeans. They dry fast tho and have been great for hiking, sailing and every day stuff. I use Carhartt stuff for when durable material clothing or warmer stuff is needed.



Wrangler performance cargo pant. Went from Patagonia Quandary pant at 70/ pr great pant, to Eddie Bauer guide at 40 on sale and another great pant though pills a little to the Wrangler at 21.72. All wear the same, very comfortable. Have spent a lot of time in these pants the last 2 yrs chasing Barbary sheep, Elk, Oryx and Ibex in some really challenging terrain and have no complaints about the performance. If its cold wear silkweight level 1 polartec under and good to well below freezing and dont get hot with activity. Rain has little effect until its a downpour and dries fast. Sheds snow well. Have yet to tear the fabric from sharp rock to brush. Used to wear Carhartt B11s no more.