Swing arm on Shrockworks bumper 2nd Gen


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First post here, longtime lurker and I am finally in a position to start modifying my truck (2013 Pro-4x) due to financial and geographical reasons (actually live in the same country as the vehicle now).

Only 'upgrades' to the truck thus far have been a topper, KO2 tires, and a diff breather that leads into passenger rear brake light.

Looking to put a new rear bumper on and have been looking at Shrockworks. Really wanting a dual swing arm bumper. That being said, has anyone mounted a swing arm, dual or single, to a Shrockworks bumper?

Shrockworks 2nd Gen Bumper link for reference.

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Coastal offroad seems pretty good. Weld together kits that look good. You can get everything in aluminum also. Shipping to the US doesn’t seem bad either.

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Contact member eolivas on club frontier. He’s built several for other members including me. Mine has dual swingarms. Look in the off-road 4x4 subforum. quite a few pictures tooAB58C023-1AE6-48F9-91EC-DF75E458AC7A.jpeg
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x2 for eolivas, a great guy with good designs and a fine product. He is happy to work with you to get you the design you want--I had mine cut and shipped flat and put it together myself, he can ship them complete as well. Great communication and a good turnaround too-


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I just helped a friend install one of eolivas rear bumpers on a 2015 Pro4X and was very impressed at the design and build quality.

Wish I had photos to post, but I’m sure they can be seen somewhere on Club Frontier